Friday, May 18, 2007

RIP Marti Frumhoff

Jan Clinite pulled me aside Wednesday night and told me she just got a call that Marti Frumhoff died. Already volumes have been written about her passing all over the web. I am not sure I can really add any more other than how she had effected me.

I was involved in Metropolis Saint Louis at a very interesting active point. The organization brought together a lot of different interesting people. It was one of the most important organizations I had involved myself in. It was really something else. The biggest and most important part of the organization that I feel benefited the city was the fact that people who really wanted the best for the city got together. And not for any more reason than they wanted to see a truly greater Saint Louis. And this organization brought all sorts of people together, many of them very different people that might not normally be brought together. It was great. And we worked together to try to make things greater. And we met each other. And supported each other in our pursuits to make this town greater.

That is how I met Marti.

And Marti was one of these amazing people. Marti served on the steering committee around the same time I was very active in the organization. She was so very positive. We understood each other. She always came to get ringside pix at the fights. She came to the gym to take pix as well. She would call me up and email from time to time to talk about things. She was always eager to discuss the state of how things were going.

I remember Marti encouraging me to do projects, pleading with me to stay with other projects and still speaking optimistically and realistically when other projects would stall. The last conversation we had was really interesting. Lets just say I won't let her down.

I am going to miss Marti. But in many ways I am going to see her in a lot of the things around me. In the accomplishments that we will continue to make. The push that we will continue to make. The greater the city we continue to make the more we honor Marti. We need to continue to push each other to make this town greater. Marti would want it that way.


Blogger Mike said...

Marty was a true urban pioneer. Her loss to the city will be immense. Steve, I'm sure you and others will help carry on her torch.

11:38 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Marty was a true urban pioneer. Her loss to the city will be immense. Steve, I'm sure you and others will help carry on her torch.

11:40 PM  
Blogger steve scariano said...

Yo Steve,
Marti was our friend, agent, and neighbor---we both lived on Connecticut St. At the time of her death she was in the final stages of closing the sale on our house and the sale of our new house. Our house was the one with the for sale sign in that feature that Channel 2 did on Marti that you also appeared in. Crazy. We move next week to our new house on Miami (even closer to The Royale than we alreay were!), but the move is truly going to be bittersweet without Marti there to see us into the new house. A major loss for the city...

10:28 PM  
Anonymous Christian said...

Dear Friends of Marti Frumhoff:

We are officially launching Marti's Tower Grove South Memorial Park site.

We need you support in making this happen and providing for long term maintenance of the Memorial in TGS.

10th ward Alderman Joe Vollmer is actively working with us to actualize our vision of the space.

We have the support of the TG Business Association.
Professional horticulturist and TGS resident Peggy Hoelting has volunteered her time and talent to designing the Memorial Garden.

We need donations to make this happen, please consider helping us honor Marti.

Please post or link this information to your blog and list servs.

Christian Herman
Christopher Thiemet
Project coordinators

5:00 PM  

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