Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Candy Mountain and MRE Food reviews

So I was out at Sappington Farmer's Market on Saturday to pick up fruit and I stopped in at Uncle Sam's. I had just netflixed The Day After. I have always had an end of civilization fear. That is why I love post apocalyptic movies like Road Warrior, Red Dawn, heck I even have seen the Postman. Postman was pretty bad.

I walked into Uncle Sam's and saw two guys behind the counter joking around. I didn't pay them much mind and I circled around to look at the fancy Surfire flashlights and the nightsticks. As I studied the flashlights a noise started coming out of their computer laptop they had behind the counter. I didn't even notice it at first. Then it was really freaky. It sounded like some sort of incredibly strange and annoying story. At first it was just sort of annoying. And then it got really annoying. And then it got a little funny. And then annoying again.

I went around to the other counter so I could see what they hell they were watching. I only caught a few seconds of video and then the video jammed. I shook my head. I am not really recommending watching the above video. You will never get the four minutes of your life back. But damn, it was really kind of funny and strange. But I am warning you, the video is really annoying so don't watch it unless you can handle that.

So I walked back to take a look at water purification and MREs. One of the guys helped me figure out the difference in them. He said they got a ton of calories. He didn't seem too wild about the taste, but I kind of like the idea of eating rations. What are they like anyway? Didn't we drop a bunch of planeloads of this on Afghanistan? I wonder what kind of MRE bombs we drop in Afghanistan today? Hmmm.

I bought three MREs. I had one today. It was a very interesting experience. I will write about it later this week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't get too crazy with those things Steven......the day I see one of those deydrated shit on shingles, in any of your joints I'm heading to the Tin Can. I saw way to many of them and told myself I'd never eat another.

1:00 AM  
Blogger Kyle said...

If you want any real current issue MREs and not the expensive stripped down ones you get from crappy military suplus stores let me know and I'll drop one off to you. I also have some of the humanitarian MREs that we dropped off in Afghanistan that are vegetarian if you want to try them.

You forget that you know the biggest survivalist nut jobs in the city. :)

Surefire flashlights rock. I wear a L4 Digital Lumamax everyday on my belt next to my multi-tool. Although, you now pretty much pay for the brand name. Check out Inova. They make some really nice less expensive flashlights.

ZS has tons of portable water purification and filtration sytems (for both personal and squad level) if you want to learn more. We filtered/purified water for 50+ people for 5 days a few weeks ago, as you know.

Why don't you have solar panels covering the Royal roof yet? :)

9:35 AM  
Blogger Thomas said...

That video was annoying.

You should have warned us.

2:59 PM  

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