Saturday, June 16, 2007

Father's Day Soccer Special

From Coach Akita:

Father Day's Soccer Special

STL United FC, a no-cost soccer team for South City youths, will play a scrimmage against the Metro Strikers, a county-based select team, this Sunday, June 17. The game, which is being sponsored by The Royale Food Spirits, will be held at the historic Msgr. Mullally Field* at St. Mary Magdalen's athletic complex at 5 p.m.; the facility is located about 50 yards east of the Avalon Theater, just behind the intersection of Kingshighway and Chippewa, via Mullally Drive.

For info on STL United FC, please check the club's website: Click on the youth team link.

The Royale, 3132 S. Kingshighway, has donated the facility fee for this match to be played, between kids in the U-13 age group.

* Pele played there, so this isn't hyperbole.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting involved in supporting activities at Mullally Field/Magdalen parish center.

Parish residents there are raising money to erect new lighting for the soccer field. They are trying to raise over $100,000.

Let's hope they don't wind up suffering a similar fate as the good people at St. Boniface parish. At St. Boniface, parishioners raised tens of thousands and rebuilt the bell carillon. That's a lot of money for a low income parish.

The beautiful sound of church bells rang again over the historic St. Boniface section of Carondelet. Then about a year later, the STL Archdiocese deemed St. Boniface church surplus property, and ordered it sold.

Do those bells ring any more? Or are they in storage with so many other Catholic relics at St. Liborius?

7:51 AM  

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