Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I went over to Gino's Lounge and Package Liquor in Pine Lawn a few weeks ago to get a drink with some friends, but it was closed. It was a Tuesday and late, so I figured that it might be that it was just late at night early in the week.

Gino's is a particularly cool spot. Gino has been spinning records for decades. He started up in the 70s and spun records all over town including Red Bones Den. He also spun records for a number of radio stations in town. I was over at Club Elite last night and spoke with DJ Jules Carlos for a bit and he told me Gino closed down. This is a big loss for Saint Louis. Gino would have live blues every Saturday night, Carlos would spin and emcee and then Gino would spin. You could buy pints and sip your drink that way too. Gino had a big DJ booth with pleated cushion sides with plexi windows. Gino always greeted me or any other recognizable person when I came in over the mic. And this really ramped up after I opened the Royale.

"Club Royale! In the house, Club Royale, south of Arsenal on Kingshighway, Club Royale."

Gino would pipe in all the time throughout the stay.

Gino's Lounge will be missed. I hope Gino is doing okay.

I also hear that King Louies is closed as well. This is a loss as well. It was a very good place to eat and had some great staff. I hope the people who worked there are going to do okay.
***Update 7/12****
Redbone was down at the Royale tonight and I also saw Jules again. Red Bones didn't know anything about it. He is considering not reopening this August after his break. He has been in business since 1972. He says this every summer for the past ten years. Jules said he hadn't spun at Ginos in nearly 9 months and still has yet to hear from Gino.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say it ain't so! As Gino greeted us: The Lovely Ladies from SF

8:05 PM  
Blogger Grace Fall said...

Ah, bummmer...two of my favorite places in St. Louis. What a loss.

4:36 PM  

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