Thursday, July 05, 2007

RIP Riley

Our family's dog, Riley, passed on this morning. My sister, Jenny and I went to get Riley back in 91 or 92 after our first Dog Fitz passed away. We brought Fitz up here from Chicago. We picked up Riley at the old Humane Society on Macklind the day after Fitz died. My sister wanted Riley because he up-ended a bowl of water on his head. It was a bit odd considering that neither of us lived at home at the time. We picked up a dog to keep at our parent's house. I did formally train Riley. I took him to dog classes. I would come home twice or more times a week to train him. Riley was a bit of a stubborn dog and also very energetic. He had to go through training classes twice. He was a spirited dog- he liked to bark at people and other dogs, even at his old age.

My folks still have Shannon. She is a tramp I found outside of KDHX back in I think it was New Years day 2000. The temperature was around ten degrees. I went to take her to the Humane Society but it was closed. I headed to my folks house and told them I needed to hold on to the dog until the next day. My sis was over at my folks house, and as soon as she saw this stray dog it was over. She wanted to keep the dog. Sort of. I don't think she was living in town at the time, so the dog stayed at my parents and is still there today.

I have a post about the two dogs that I have saved in my drafts. I haven't finished editing it, but I will get it out this week. It is a very funny story about the dogs and our family's interesting sense of humour.


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