Sunday, July 29, 2007

Royale DJ of the Month

We have many great DJs here at the Royale. But Sean Savoy has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

This Royale favorite DJ has been spinning here pretty much since we started here. Savoy consistently brings a wide array of music and endears the loyal crowds with soul, lounge and more.

Last week Sean busted his leg pretty nasty. He has a big ol' cast. On Thursday he had surgery to put bolts in his legs. I am not sure, but I think that he opted out on the peg, instead I think he chose the bionic legs that they are giving out these days.

Regardless of such physical injury/improvements, Sean exceeded the call of duty and showed up to spin on Friday night. Sean was involved in combat when he broke his leg last week. He was being coy by saying it was horseplay. And he is not taking any pain killers with the exception of the medicines dispensed at the Royale. I must say, if there is ever a defense force to protect Saint Louis, I am going to make sure I am on the same squadron as Sean. Not only will the soundtrack be far superior to other squads, I will have confidence my fellow soldiers know how to take an injury in stride.

Besides, Savoy is pretty handy with a paintball gun from what I hear. Hmm, maybe we should get a militia together for this brewing war with Chicago...

Show me a premier DJ in Chicago who would show up to spin records the day after surgery, AND could splatter a man sized target at 50 yards.

Now that I think about, I think Burt would be a good recruit as well. The man recently was able to survive a near arm severing incident and could still drop a man from a sniper's nest a mile away with his good arm while creating a perfect soundtrack from his laptop and having lost half the blood in his body. This army is looking seasoned.

We are ahead in the race.

Mad props to the warrior DJ Sean Savoy. He will be spinning again on Tuesday the 31st at 6pm.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My nephew ROCKS !!!!!! Its in the genes you know....

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