Thursday, August 02, 2007


So Bruce and Jeremy came by today. The kids from the gym have never stopped seeking me out. They love to come by. They are in the 8th grade. They live in the neighborhood now. They always come in wanting work, but they really want attention.

"Can I have a job?"

"Bruce, remember what I said? I need proof of your hep shot and a worker's permit."

"I asked the lady at the school, and, um, she said I need to talk to someone."

"Okay, well, once you get the permit and proof of the shot I will consider hiring you. I bet you would like a soda."


"And I bet you are hungry."


So I thought of something a bit different. Often I tell them to go pull weeds or pick up trash. But today I wanted to have them think a bit more. Bruce is a trip and Jeremy is a quiet sharp one.

So I had them write haikus for a soda and dinner. And only one soda. I explained to them what a haiku was. They even knew what a syllable was. Not bad. They understood the concept after just a bit of explaining. I had Allison come over to talk to them.

"Gentlemen, this is Allison. She is our resident haiku expert. She will help you with your haikus and she will judge whether or not they are up to snuff."

Allison is a teacher by trade, and took right to the kids. I had to go and was back down a few minutes later. Then they sat at the bar and went to work. And above are the two works created by Bruce and Jeremy.

They recited the poems to the staff and then to a table to great success. They smiled while they were doing the haikus and then we had them hang the haikus on the bulletin board.

The kids are alright.


Anonymous Danny said...

Those haikus are adorable. You should have them submit a story to Haiku for You

12:02 PM  
Blogger Andrew Ivers said...

Why don't you let me write poetry for my dinner?

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so sweet. Keep on! -Maria

8:54 PM  

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