Wednesday, September 26, 2007

DC video #1

This is my first of what I think will be about five or so videos of my trip. This will be my only one of DC. Tell me what you think, and if you can see the video. I am trying to avoid using Youtube by all means, but Mac is making it easy for me to do it if I so choose.

Outlined is my time in DC from Sept 10-13th. I was in the Capitol, checked out the Senate, checked out the hearings by the Senate Foreign Relations Comittee with General David Petraus testifying and friends. I also have some street scenes and such.

Here are some links to my three videos I did on DC on my trip there last year.

2006 DC Video #1

2006 DC Video #2

2006 DC Video #3

I hope to have video up of Saugerties, NYC, Philadelphia up in the next few weeks.


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