Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pix from Philly and DC update

Fellow associate Patrick and I in front of the Blue Horizon in Philly, just before the fights on Friday. Please note that while not in the picture, Patrick is wearing new shoes- just purchased earlier in the day.

Forrest Roberts, one of my accomplices from my tour of Philly posted up his pix on Flickr. It will be a while until I get mine together for it is mostly video and I am still learning on how to edit.

I got to DC Monday night, and have survived 9/11 walking around the Capitol despite the alarms from my more conspiratorial comrades of chatter and false flags. Big highlight today- and I will get pix up, well, not for a while, but I will- I attended the Senate Committee on Foreign Relation's Hearings with General Petreaus. That was downright moving. I was witnessing history on a first hand basis.

I text messaged Tom Weber that I was at the hearing, and he told me if I got up and yelled that I would be on KWMU that night. I declined the suggestion in order not to be that guy. Tom is a bad influence. If only my grandmother knew what kind of trouble Tom Weber was encouraging me to get into.

I also got a tour of Claire McCaskill's office by top aide Phil Hatchett(thanks!), I got to see her on the floor(from the gallery), checked in w/ Russ Carnahan- no luck so I left a note, and I ran into Lacy Clay in the hallway outside his office. My News Hour connection just started a new gig at the BBC, so it doesn't look like I will get to see Gwen this year. So sad.


Anonymous UrbanReviewSTL said...

Gwen rules!

8:23 AM  
Blogger Annie said...

you look like you are having fun. glad you got to get away from the grind and enjoy some travel. Justin looks great...philly must be treating him well!

5:11 PM  

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