Saturday, September 01, 2007

Very impressed X2

About a month ago I went to the Old Rock House. I was very, very impressed. I went again yesterday and again, wow. It is located on 7th Street, a block south of Chouteau, near Eat Rite.

I don't have time to get into just how nice of a job they did on the building. They should get an award of the best reuse of an old building with new construction. Obviously they spent a big chunk of change, but they certainly have done an excellent job on where they put there funds and also the phases in which they have implemented their plan. It is not done yet, for there are plans for much more expansion, but it is ready to make money. It is too early to tell where the more organic vibe side of the business will take it, the booking still is new and seemingly not at full throttle or even halfway there, but that will develop with time. So far it is a great start- such wonderful detail, and NOT TACKY like so many newer places downtown and surrounding areas. In about a year it will look like a 180 year old building with an expansion in 1890 and another around 1905. This is not the case at all, for there is only one original building. The interior is pretty much spot on in every detail from the flooring, booths, ceilings, chairs, bars, second floor area and balcony, the brickwork, the stonework, the layout, the bar setup, the back of house facility setup, outstanding basement, the courtyard, the ease of access and bar. The food was impressive for the bit that I had. Any criticisms at this point would be very minor and picky. So far they are totally on top of the game.

The building and structure will be fertile grounds for many many years. And if those in charge continue to have vision and put effort into the project, it will make a whole lot more money and become an institution. Very impressed. Stop down, get a drink and just take a look around at the whole place.

And I would like to suggest Randalls Wine and Spirits on Jefferson next to the old Johnny Brock's Warehouse. Apparently there is one in Illinois, and they have an outstanding website that I had checked out before they had opened for they sell all sorts of things over the site. It is about the size of a Walgreens and they have one of the best selections of any liquor store I have been to. It is long, long, long overdue that we get a decent liquor store in this town. I wonder why?

Well, they did get jammed up in their opening, and I still can't buy cold beer- this really is a big quality issue, and they can't sell small bottles of liquor- this makes it difficult when I am looking for a smaller amount just to try things out. Instead I have to buy enough booze to get several horses intoxicated. I like to buy 200ml bottles to try things out. But alas, this is all supposedly to protect(placate) the alarmists in the neighborhood. A bit severe of a measure that won't have any real effect on the neighborhood other than limiting the quality and selection of an excellent business.

Alas, they do have an outstanding selection of booze. It is so refreshing to see something other than in the mega grocery stores. Different competing places allow for a greater selection and push for greater quality service and presentation. Very impressed. It would be great to see a place like this open up a series of places in town. It is a much higher quality than the old 9-0-5 (bow head in silence), and offers more to more people.


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