Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Churchin' and Rasslin'

I had a very well rounded trip while in Philadelphia. This is probably the most amusing video I have put together. It is not fancy or anything, but the subject manner is just so rich and the added audio tips it.

The first half of this particular video is of the Cathedral in Philadelphia with a certain familiar Cardinal hosting a nun party. I felt like I was a spy, seeing what was happening in the Cathedral that day. There is a very familiar former Archbishop that was all dressed up for this nun party. The nuns looked fantastic. So happy. Be sure to check out the last shot with the nun in black standing next to the man with the gold staff. She is waiting so patiently to show her devotion to the Cardinal. I kept the original audio on the video underneath the added music track. You can hear me just speaking in awe of these wonderful nuns.

Be sure to watch this all the way through. There are some great parts of the second half. This sporting competition is of the highlights- and they are pretty amazing if you watch all the way through. Philadelphia has a great diversity of culture. It makes me long for Philadelphia. I will post up some text sometime in the next coupla weeks.

The run time is 11 minutes 10 seconds.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I just looked at your video of the the Nuns in Philly. The ones in white, specifically the three being photographed at the end , especially the albino for sure, are friends of my family. They were Little Sisters of the Poor stationed at the convent and nursing home on the N. side.
They went into and then left the LSOP as a team. They joined a less
restrictive, but nonetheless one of the stricter orders. They are all
nurses, all from that area and were all here in StL. for some time.
They were very young for the Little Sisters then and now. They left in
order to take up a broader mission really to use their adv. nursing
skills. My old man used to call them the Broad Street Bullies. Susan, the albino, is fight fan but an absolute B-Ball nut. They took care of my grandma for a long time. See you at 6.

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