Monday, November 12, 2007

A peek into my dorkdom x2

New Hot Show

So my favorite new webcast is the Green Room, the web only show after This Week with George Stephanopoulos. I listen to that podcast every week. If I only am able to watch/listen to one Sunday news show it is This Week. And I have more recently started watching the Green Room, which is a more relaxed and candid exchange about specific issues by the commentators standing in the back room. It is way fun. I wish I was in the corner of this back room with a gin rickey. I need to get that crew to hang out at my place. It is an interesting selection of people he has on that program. The show in general is also very well paced, fresh and takes on very interesting issues.

If I like This Week, then shouldn't I love Donnybrook?

O Donnybrook. It is so quaint. I love quaint too.

I do like Donnybrook and Donnybrook Your Turn. I have watched it for years. The second half has become the comedy part of the show. It is the closest thing to live Town Talk. It makes me miss the big grumper. That is some hardcore quaint.


Unhealthy Newswatching

So when I was younger I would do some weird things. I was about in the sixth or seventh grade. I wasn't doing much that summer, it was the year before I started bussing tables. All I did at that point was go to school, sell newspapers and do my thing. My thing ranged from lighting off bottlerockets, to jumping on the bus to poking around downtown K-town pushing up the market on comic books and baseball cards.

So on this particular summer day I decided I was going to do something productive. I had watched my sister lay out in the backyard tanning over the course of the summer. She would always speak of that activity as something significant. Now I really could give a crap whether I actually was tan or not, but it looked like an easy way to accomplish something I had never done before. So I pulled out the recline beach chair, set it up in the backyard and got down to my shorts and just sat there.

It was okay for a minute.

But I found laying out incredibly boring. I don't mind spacing out while laying down, but after a while I just can't do it. That is why I don't go to the beach unless it involves blowing up a whale. So I tried to figure out a way to keep myself from falling asleep. So I went inside, unplugged the TV and brought it outside with an extension cord. And I watched the McLaughlin Group. It was my favorite Sunday morning show, beating out Tarzan and Wrestling at the Chase.

So I just sat there. And did nothing but watch the McLaughlin Group and the shows afterwards. And I burned. O how did I burn. I never had burnt like that before. I didn't care if I burned. I didn't mess with any sort of lotions, for I figured if I burn I just got tan faster. Just a little bit of pain, no worries. I got not only peeling skin, but burn scabs all over from that outing. It was rather disgusting, but I didn't seem to mind. I was just slightly irritating. Too bad they didn't talk too much about public health in the mid 80s on news talk shows or I might have avoided this initial blast of skin cancer.

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Blogger letterknit said...

I like "This Week", also. I will have to check out "The Green Room." Thank you for the recommendation.

Watching news shows at that young age really is dorky.

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