Thursday, December 27, 2007

Young Democrats of Greater Saint Louis to host Democratic Presidential Caucus—open to all

Contact: Steven Fitzpatrick Smith
Proprietor, The Royale

First ever St. Louis Caucus to be held same night as Iowa Caucus Jan 3

St. Louis, Mo. - Gearing up for the primary election season the Young Democrats of Greater St. Louis will welcome Democratic activists to The Royale Food and Spirits for an old fashioned caucus to pick a presidential candidate for the Democratic Party.
The event will begin at 8pm at the Royale Food and Spirits at 3132 South Kingshighway. The results of the caucus should be available around 9:30pm January 3rd while the rest of the night will be dedicated to watching the Iowa returns. You are invited to send a camera and/or reporter to watch the St. Louis Caucus as well as the Iowa Caucus results.
The Caucus will be hosted by 9th Ward Democratic Committeeman Ron Auer and will be monitored by Kyle Dubbert, Republican Supervisor of the Saint Louis City Election Board. While the caucus is non-binding, it will reflect the much anticipated Iowa Caucus and emphasis the caucus Missouri used to hold.

"This event will give St. Louis voters a chance to participate in a caucus and to give a glimpse into how the voters in Missouri are feeling about the presidential Election." says St. Louis City Democratic party Chairman Brian Wahby. "In a couple of weeks we might be able to say as goes the Royale so goes Missouri!"

The participants will determine a single winner for Democratic ticket through the mock-caucus. All who intend on voting for the Democratic ticket are welcome to participate. Not only will the event will serve to provide a lesson in how the Caucus system works, it will also gauge St. Louis City voters on their choice for the upcoming February 5th Primary.
Representatives of candidates running for President are encouraged to participate and to persuade caucus goers to support their candidate.

For more information please contact Steven Fitzpatrick Smith, The Royale Food & Spirits 314-772-3600, or Martin Casas with the Young Democrats of Greater St. Louis at


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sounds like fun. mind if i post something about this?

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please pass along!!

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