Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Nice rest at the World's Best Shoeshine on a busy day

I wrote this on Monday, but I am just finishing this right now(Tuesday)

Wow. Funny day. I had a busy weekend too. I wound up hitting a service on Sunday at the New Northside Baptist Church on Goodfellow. I did see Reverend Ellis, but I missed the youth minister. Apparently he did a piece on the old Testament, David and Goliath. I also missed the interpretive dancers.

On Saturday I went to my older sister's wedding shower. It was out in WeCo at her chum Maureen and Jeff's crib. She made out with loot. During a conversation earlier this evening with Megan Flaskamper and Butler Miller, they made an interesting observation about wedding showers. Butler coined showers a culturally sanctioned transfer of wealth. In fact he said close family doesn't need to give gifts, especially if they are not all that young. Damn, I shouldn't have bought that meat marinating machine. I doubt I would have been able to get away without that though.

Afterwards I hit the Lot at the Tap Room and I rode my bike in the Ramble with Andy Coco and Dan Adelman. It was a good run this time. Dan wound up blowing out a tire jumping curbs right in front of the grand basin. He had a tricked out bike with shocks. He did a luke duke replacing the tire, but he took about ten minutes while the Duke boys did it under 90 seconds, and cooter was chasing them.

I headed out today at 3pm and covered quite a bit of ground. I stopped over at Cherokee Rec and spoke with the Coach Jesse Davis about some fighters. I then rolled over to 12th and Park to talk to Kenny Lohr. I secured a few extra fights. I was making good time so I stopped downtown to drop off a note at the Post and then over to the Trophy Shop on Olive. I saw Christian Saller walking across the street. Christian walks quite a bit. He looked rather startled when I shouted over to him from the Mercury. Funny. He was on his toes for he gave me a quick stare then a smile.

I was doing great on time as I headed over to the Loop, so I stopped at the World's Best Shoeshine on Delmar and Whittier. I ordered a World's Best Shoeshine of course. It is a small little building next to the Rycraw Lounge. It has enough room for about, oh, four people. It was a nice relaxing shine. I rolled west on Delmar and stopped over at the RFT to talk to some peeps. The kids are restless and cheery. I then stopped up to the North County Boxing Club to try to work a few other fights. Outside was the older odd fellow whose teeth are constantly falling out. He is a photographer. Er, he takes interesting photos. Sometimes it is just easier to let him be him. He is always wanting to take photos of my fights. I saw Mike Taylor, a fighter from the east side outside of the club. He is going to help out on Sunday. I then rolled over to Knuckles Gym over in Venice Ill. I waited outside of the gym with a couple of the fighters. While we waited this big ol crazy guy kept circling the block cussing at us about Terry. He is a Granite City cop. Apparently Terry locked the guy up. I wouldn't mess with a cop who runs a boxing gym. The guy didn't look all together though. I spoke with Terry about all sorts of stuff. He has a great gym and great fighters. His son Ryan is an excellent pro who fights all over the country. We are lining up several fighters through his gym. Should be interesting. I then shot out of there and over to the SBAC and spoke to Mark one of the coaches. I am trying to line up Chris Duren, the current Hoosierweight Champ, with a fighter out of Cherokee Rec. I saw the Cobra, James Johnson, and Sarge. Funny crew. I then wound up stopping over at the Panda AC and talked with the fighters. Glenn was coaching. Mary Jane and her sons came in along with Shen, Don and Mike. Good to have the full house.

I ran out of there and went over to the old Custard Stand on Cherokee to pick up a taco. It is at California. I was starving so I had two tacos. I sat outside and ate it. Inside the taco ice cream stand the son of the owner was the point man for the operation. He spoke English and was about 10 years old. Pretty cool kid. There was a full house at about 8:30 of guys eating tacos and people stopping in for ice cream. I asked him for tap water and he didn't know what tap meant. I pointed at the faucet and told him water that comes out of that is tap water.

So as I was having some pleasant downtime I wound up just taking in the scene outside the taco stand on Cherokee at about 9pm. A truck pulls up to the grocery store across the street. It looked like a normal delivery, and it was a normal delivery, but it certainly got noticed. I felt like I was in Mexico or Ireland for the site I had seen were ones I had seen in these places. Two guys jump out of the truck and one jumps in the back and lifts up an entire pig. He had been slaughtered, but it was a whole hog. He picked up the lifeless, limp, pink pig body and handed it to the guy outside the truck. I caught it out of the corner of my eye and it certainly is something that catches your attention. There is no rear entrance to the store, so this is how it is brought it. Then pig number two came down on pig one. Huh.

I finished the night over at the Black Thorn to see the peeps. The house was slow, but I saw Mark Ribbing, his chum, Megan Flaskamper, Jill, Kraig Schnitzmeir, Amy, Sean McKessey, Dave Drebes and a few more people. I think Megan is going to come down to box at the Panda. She has that interest. She also gave me a piece of pizza. I saw John Brooke briefly. Also Sean apparently had his head run over on his bicycle. Ouch. He was banged up on his arms and legs. His head looked alright to me. He was over in Illinois riding with an old chum Paul Mueller and a crew.

Anyway, I gots to go!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Long day, new day

I woke up and started working at 6am yesterday. I worked at home until 10, and then I went to go look at a car up on the north side off Goodfellow. It was a beautiful 73 Buick Riviera, but it was in far to rough of condition. The interior was very rough, the exterior was really washed out, needed a new vinyl top and there was enough work that needed to be done that I would have to pass. I am going to keep looking for a boattail.

I then stopped down on the loop to drop off some flyers to people. I kept rolling over to Clayton to grab some lunch with my peep Jim at the Drive agency. I kept going, stopping over at the Fox to pick up tickets for the fights, then down to KDHX. I spoke with Bev Hacker, Larry Weir, Dan Adelman and Brett Underwood. All are doing well. I told Bev about the gym and she sounded interested in checking out lofts in the joint. Larry picked up a mid 60s Volvo. Sounds pretty sweet. Dan wanted to see if I could hit the Moonlight Ramble on Saturday and it sounds like a plan. I am going to ride downtown for the Lot on Saturday night and then I will take the pedal spin through the city. I hope it is a new route.

I swung back by my joint before heading back out to the Panda. The gym was kicking full, with Mary Jane and her two sons working with Coach Glenn McBrady. Larry stopped by to check out the gym with his kids. Kevin wound up sparring for the first time. He did rather well. I was starting to tire out afterwards, but I decided to head over to Tanner Bs for a bite. I saw Andy on Victor and he was headed to the same place to meet with Erin. As I drove I saw my chum Tony Miller working a case on Victor. Small time stuff, but good to know that the cops work on it. Talked with him about the secondary for the fights. He is coordinating it. He is planning on doing Guns'n Hoses so he might train at the Panda. Should work well. I saw Andy in front of Tanner B's but he had to run cuz he heard on the scanner that there was a shooting. I went in and saw Erin and chatted with her for a bit. Things are going well with her. She is working hard on Robin Carnahan's campaign. Andy rolled back and apparently the cop took off on a footrace after the shooter and nabbed him. Sucks to hear of violence, but good to hear that the cops are getting the job done in the apprehension. Hopefully we can work on preventing the first part so the second part won't need to happen. I wound up using the wifi at Tanner Bs to work late.

Today was not quite as productive. I had computer problems. I have been working on that most the day. I had lunch with my moms. We went up to Athonio's and then over to Amighetti's for some gelato. Great stuff. I worked at home the rest of the day. Went to the AC for training and then out to Eureka to meet with the Fire Chief. I am getting one of the firefighters on the card.

Long days. Should be fun tomorrow. Still much work to be done.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Lounging on Cherokee Street

Got back from KC last night. Fun stuff, but I am worn out. It was a crazy scene on the last day with the close out sale that included pure chaos, which had kids running around on tables grabbing gloves. Funny funny stuff. I drove straight back and got copies of the posters made and went straight to the bars to start promoting. Stopped at Pop's Blue Moon to talk to Josh, went over to Modesto to speak with Roxanna, then over to the Famous Bar to chat with Kent Gray, then over to Freddy's to speak with Freddy and Paul and then over to the Way Out to speak with Lee, Bob and Sheri. Kristeen Young was performing. She usually does well but the place was dead. She was doing her usual freak out performance. Saw Akita over there. Oh, I then took Rich Quinn, one of the fighters to show him the Panda at about 1am. I then ran over to CBGBs to talk to Matt, stopping over to Mangia seeing an entirely huge crew and talked to Paul, then over to the Jade Room to speak w/ Hutto and then upstairs to see Dino and Tu. Then I was done. Gasp.

I didn't do much this morning. I tried to bid on a boxing ring on Ebay. Nice one too, but too rich for me for the moment, although I need to move some things around for it is a smart investment. I bid on it twice. Gad. It would have been slick. I would have had to gone out to Philly to pick it up. I have always wanted to go and hit a card at the Blue Horizon. Eh. Darn.

I then went over to drop off some gear at Gibson and some other errands. I had my bike tire repaired at A&M Bike shop. Karl sounded very excited about the upcoming bouts. It is right after the bike races. Should be very fun. I saw DJ Wilson outside with a whole crew of kids in addition to his own. Shaq and DeShaun were in the big ol' pick'm up truck. DJ had bikes in the bed. He also was getting a repair. Shaq was very excited, as usual for her, and DeShaun seemed slightly upset which is not that unusual.

I was starving so I stopped by at my favorite lunch, El Bronco, over on Cherokee. I got two sopas. I chatted with Yolanda Flores. Her father Jose and mother Maria own the joint. She is always hanging around. I chatted with her, and funny enough she goes to school with the Wilson crew. Shaq Wilson is in her class. Yolanda is nine years old and likes tacos, Chinese food, Italian food, French fries, hamburgers- everything- in her words. I am sitting right here in the place as I write it. Yolanda just waved and me and told me she would be right back "I have to deliver this" as she waved a bag at me. She goes to school over at Cabrini and starts next week.

I still got a full day ahead of me. I got training tomorrow but I have a lot of loose ends to tie up before the fights in about two weeks. Hold on- Yolanda just stopped me and wanted to see the pictures I had from Mexico. I told her I had been down there and she was very excited so she wanted to see the pix. In fact, here is my trip to Mexico
She told me when she goes down to Mexico that they pray for the Mother- Our Lady of Guadalupe. She said when she went down last was last year. I just gave her my money for the meal. I got to work now.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Boxing overload

A highly productive day. I woke up late as usual. I didn't get out of the hotel until 10, but I met up with Zack, the trainer here in KC. He runs an AC called Sweet Zs Boxing Club in KCK. I met him down in Westport at a place on Southwest called Coffee Girls. We talked about his gym and the possibility of doing fight out there in December. Everything seems to be right on line for both of our needs and what we have to offer.

Zack and I drove over to the Ringside Tournament out by the airport. It was crazy cool. Six rings going all at the same time. I saw all the STL crew there, Julie Nees, Kenny Lohr from 12th and Park and his son, Larry from West End with his fighters, Sarge and Chanel. Good fights in the midst of chaos of multiple rings, officials, kids, coaches getting kids ready. There were people from all over the world, with quite a few from the US, of course, and also Mexico.

I checked out the gear and picked up some stuff for the Panda AC. We got a new full face headgear for the guys that are worried about their nose. I am heading in tomorrow for closeouts and to check out the semi-finals.

I headed out then with Zack to eat and then over to his gym. It is slick. He has a ring, bags and a regimented workout. Long day, ran a few errands later on and off to sleep.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Here is a pic from NYC. I am with Patrick Witty and Cary Conover took the pix. We ran around the Lower East Side.

Busy Busy

I wound up running around quite a bit yesterday. Training at 2pm. I took Patrick out to lunch over at LaBohemme and then we finished the ring. The AC is coming along nicely. Patrick Fischer, John Shen and Mike McLaughlin were there to train. Peter coached and McBrady helped out. Bad Intentions brought in a free weights set donated by his father. My dad came by to check out the joint.

I then went back to my house and this fella came by and bought the Golf. Very quick and easy. Kid worked at Long John Silver in the Kirkhood. I then ran off to NoCo to take a look at the fighters at the NC Boxing Club. Howell wasn't there, but Big Hands Willis was. He was getting some photo opp by a STL American photog. I talked with his assistant promo guy about business. Should be interesting.

I then stepped over to the SBAC and talked with the coaches there. Always interesting. Jimmy Hathman, huh. Big Chris Duren, the champ right now, is going to fight on the card on the 5th assuming I find him a fighter. And Scott Kube is down too. I still need to find some more females.

I then went over to the Venice to check out a cut of the movie the Bunglers. It is a movie that you can see my back in. I am punching some mitts with McBrady. A big house was in effect. Good stuff. I ducked out to send some last minute docs, but I screwed up. I sent out the proposal for the beer companies for a sales presentation tomorrow. I just got it kicked back to me via email. I think I screwed that one up. Gad. I resent it, but I think the meeting was an hour ago. I did pick up the boot via ebay for the Cady which is good, but dern the electronic format.

I leave for KC in a few hours. I am going to take the cuz out to lunch first. He has been living in the basement all summer. Well he hasn't been in the basement all summer, but he has been in the STL. Got him a job and he has been livin' large. He leaves on Friday, but I am not going to be back, so I am going to treat him to lunch.

Here I am with Roberto Martinez at the drawbridge in the building that houses the Panda AC. Roberto hosted a couple of fights a few years back. He is a strong fighter. Good guy. He helped me lug the ring in.

Monday, August 16, 2004

So I had another interesting day. This morning I took the Eldorado up to my mechanic Jack, pictured above with the other guy Terry. Jack has a shop over on MLK and Vandeventer. I had to replace my left front wheel bearings and the upper and lower ball joint on the driver side so I can go to KC on Wednesday. I was running fast for I had a meeting at 11 and take the part to STL auto parts to get the new wheel bearings pressed. I had to wait to get the wheel bearings delivered at the shop, but I made it to my meeting. My mechanic Jack was real cool for he leant me his Chevy to drive around taking care of business.

Then it got interesting. I was waiting for my wheel bearings to get pressed over on Gravois and Cherokee so I went over to Garundo’s taco joint on Cherokee for a bite. Anyway, I saw Lynne Hart hanging with a fella Enrique and then I saw Jamie from Mad Art roll in with some publisher and another fella. It was pretty funny actually, for I rarely see people I know over at the taco joints on Cherokee. I ordered chile reyenos and a steak taco. They tend to crisp the meat a bit more.

I had to stop at the Panda to pick up keys and talk to the coaches. We figured out how we are going to put down the flooring for the ring. Should work out pretty well. Things are coming along nicely. I rolled out of there and over to take the steering knuckle over to Jack, but the knuckle was damaged. Jack, the creative thinking man he is, patched it together like a Cuban mechanic so I could make it home. The center of the knuckle was spinning and it is not supposed to if it pressed. He wound up welding it in place as seen in the above pic. I am going to have to hunt down another steering knuckle, but it is drivable to get home. It looks like I am going to take the Mercury to KC now.

This evening I made dinner for my old HS teach Doc Rich Mueller, Butler Miller and my cuz. I made calzones of stuff mostly from my garden and the Kruses stall. I made the crust homemade, with green, red and yellow peppers, garden tomatoes, Sicilian eggplant, salisza (sp?), pepperoni and garden basil. I picked up some extra ingredients from DeGrigorio’s. I made a plate of fresh heirloom tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, olives and olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I also had some artichokes. Then for dessert I had some homemade peach ice cream. I sort of did it all by hand for I wound up rolling in to the house at 6:30 for I was running around with the car all day. I managed to get things ready for the guests who arrived at 7:30. Now my kitchen is a mess, but it was well worth it. I think my cuz Matt enjoyed it which was pretty cool. He enjoyed the different crew in the house.

Now I gotta crash.

So here is a shot from the Panda AC. Seen is Coach Peter working with a new kid Kevin, and my cuz Matt and Patrick working on the ring with the owner Tim fork lifting.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Inagural day at the Panda AC

Very interesting 24 hours. Ranging from backroom brawls at the SBAC, to starring in a movie, to selling cars to a wife of a hitman to setting up a new boxing gym. Yesterday and today I worked with a number of people to set up a the new boxing gym, the Panda AC over on Victor and Ohio in the middle between Saint Francis, Tanner B's and the Way Out Club. Patrick and my cousin helped me put together the ring, yes a training ring for boxing, three hanging bags, two upright bags, a speed bag and more. The room has a perfect feel and set for boxing. Pat Fischer showed along with Joey Gavin, Coach Peter, Make McLaughlin, a new fighter Kevin and his Dad.

Last night I wound up helping out the photo shoot over at the SBAC rassling. Dillip and Machine Gun Burt were working everyone. Then a brawl nearly broke out in the locker room between Gary Jackson and Kid Curry. A fun crew was out in effect on Saturday. Jeff Lopinot was screamin, Patrick from the Motorcycle club was there, Johnny Courageous and Jason Triefenbach, Mike Seely, Chad Garrison, Dave, Tim Lane, Jeff Parks and a few other crew. Then I had to wake up early Sunday morning and go all the way out to Jeffco for a movie shoot for Doveed production about a boxer in a Casey at the Bat situation. It was a big deal shoot. I played a cornerman. I managed to avoid wearing makeup. They put a ring inside the gym at the High School cranked up the fog machine, dropped the lights and simulated boxing with a sparse crowd in the back. It was a full out production. I got fake blood all over my shirt. I had to bulldog a guy back into the corner after the fight got called.

After that we started up the creation of the gym. It was fantastic. Full crew, few faces and just great stuff. I was also showing the car, and this woman from the exurbs needed a cheapo car cuz her husband is in the joint for putting a contract out on some guy. Apparently it made the paper. She is getting sued by the vic for two mill. She had good spirit about it though. Very cool woman. Funny as all get out. She didn't pick up the car, nor did the Isreali guy from Collinsville or the Bosnian guys from South City. My ring was ringing all day. if anyone is interested I got an 89 VW Golf for 750 bucks. Mention this and I will knock 10% off.

Need to get new wheel bearings for the Eldo tomorrow morn and catch up on everything.

RIP Julia Childs

Friday, August 13, 2004

Panda AC is now open

Very cool. Just inked the deal for the Panda Athletic Club over at the old Panda Paint buidling. We have been in need for a boxing gym for regular training. It is located at Ohio and Victor behind the Way Out. We are going to train there for the first time on Sunday. The particularly cool thing is that we are putting together a ring for training. We are all registered, incorporated, licensed and insured.

Patrick is in town!

So Patrick Landewe, my old roommate is in town. He has been working out in the Mojave Dessert on an enviornmental project. He has had to duck the pack rats that would nest in cars over night and eat the wiring. Surreal. He is going to be in town for a week before he ventures out east to go to his brother John's wedding up in New Hampshire. He stopped by this morning and we went up to my mechanic, Jack, up on MLK Drive. I brought him some tomatoes that I grew. I get along with Jack really well. His mother recently passed. She was pretty cool. She had Alzheimers, but he really took care of her. It wasn't easy either, but you can tell how he really cared for his mom. I would always talk to her when I was there even though she couldn't remember me after about five seconds. Anyway, I got a leak in the brake lines in the Mercury, so I am going to have him fix it. I also get to get new
wheel bearings for the Cady before I go to KC next week.

Tonight I am going to the SBAC meeting to deal with the drama, but after that I am going to the Indian joint out at the airport and then out to Korean Karoke which is called No Rae Bang. Should be interesting to say the least. Then I am off to the Boxing Officials clinic tomorrow morning at the Boilermakers Hall. It looks like I will have my own lil' gym by tomorrow to at the old Panda Paint building so I have set up the gym for training on Sunday. Should be good. Saturday night will be fun for we are doing to the photo shoot for the wrestlers. I am going to be doing trading cards for them.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Back in town

NYC was a blast. I met up with my friend Megan one evening over in Soho and with some other chums Cary and Patrick down on the lower east side another night. Took the subways around, went to the Museum of Design, Central Park and more.

Got back to town. I am looking at some space to put in a boxing gym. Right now I got a space down on the southside over near the Way Out. I think it is going to work. Should know today.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

We went to a great dinner at Tavern on the Green in Central Park. Outstanding. Seemed rather dreamlike. It was decorated like a timeless New York movie set down to the waiters and the sleazy pick up guys on the dance floor. It was a beautiful indoor and outdoor setting with the indoor resembling an ostentatious country club, the glass walled room which had some of the most outrageous chandeliers and decorative ceiling. Quite rich. It looked like a fancy grandma designed it. We had a most excellent dinner which I picked up-speaking of which this is the second time I had to tip out the "captain". I don't know what that is all about, and I have been in the industry. Freaky. They want a pinch too. Anyway, we went outside where they had some very cool lantern decor with a wooden dance floor and a crooner band kicking. The characters were in full flavor and costume. In order to keep it up we walked down to Rockefeller Center to check out the Rainbow room on the top floor. Surreal. It was again a timeless locale. I stepped into the big dining room and felt like I was in another place, a place that exists only in speculation and dreams of one's mind. But people were dressed up, table cloths, a big band, folks of all ages dressed in tuxes and fine suits, the staff was heavy and attentive, sequined dresses and lots of candy. The fixtures were sharp and had that feel of always being so even when they were not.

I rolled out of there to meet up with my friend Megan who was down in Soho. It went to college with her and have visited her a few times. She is way cool and is now an assistant for a photographer/artist who lives and works in midtown. Sounds like a cush position. We had some drinks with her and some odd friends at a joint called the "room" on Sullivan and then we went up to her chums 1650 dollar one room apartment- I thought it was a joke. I knew it would be expensive, but I figured at tops 1200, but anyway, we had a few drinks. We then ventured over to the west village for some tasty treats- I had some gyro. Just rolled in on a cab and going to hit it.

Friday was great. Ran around the Village. Did this most excellent walking and eating tour. There are so many great places to eat. Grocery stores, butchers and other eateries. Yum. First we stopped at this joint called Pasticceria Bruno. It is a pastry and shop on Bleecker. Then we stopped at Murray's Cheese shop. Didn’t go into, but stopped in front of a joint called John's Pizza which has coal fired oven pizza. Supposed to be the bomb. Then we walked by this old Speak Easy over on Bedford called Chumley's. This was a very historic district of NYC with many beautiful homes that date back to before the civil war. They had third stories added on in the later 19th century due to such heavy demand for housing. Very fun. We then hopped on the big double decker tour bus for one of those fancy runs around town. We rolled from Times Square down through Soho through the financial district up through China town and back over by the UN. Very fun. We got a two day pass so we are going tomorrow.

Friday, August 06, 2004

So we just had another run at New York today. Had some good time in. We wound up running over to Gleasons gym and I wound up chatting with Bruce Silverglade, the owner. He had some rather interesting thoughts and ways about he does business in terms of boxing. He puts on fights once a month for the white collar boxing, no sanction. It is not judged, but they do not require a doctor either. All they do is use extra big gloves and play by am rules. The joint is just over the Brooklyn bridge, actually just under the Brooklyn bridge. Classic joint, mostly pros with a healthy staple of amateur and then some of the private consultations with white collar. They had five rings going at that time including one for pro rassling which was a trip in itself. Full house with plenty of business being done.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Arrival in NYC

Just got here to NYC. Immediately I smelled a good hustle that worked to our advantage. We stepped out of the airport when a Holiday Inn shuttle stopped just past the official shuttle pick up for transit to the long island rail line and started quietly pitching for customers. This is a picture of "my guy". He worked for Holiday Inn driving the shuttle to and from the Hotel and the rail station. I am not staying at Holiday Inn at all, but I needed a lift from the airport to the railway station to make my way into the city. But the official shuttle bus doesn't run too regularly and this enterprising Holiday Inn hustler/driver shuttled people from the airport to the train station for a few extra bucks. He takes us to this aiport Holiday Inn, then to keep the ruse going you have to walk out of the van and through the hotel entrance with your baggage and then back into the van. He then raced everyone to the rail station. Slick operation, for we saved about a half hour and rather courteous service. He hefted our bags for us so we could go in and out of the hotel.

Just got into the hotel over at 866 3rd Avenue. I am starving and we are going to head out.

Sunday, August 01, 2004


So there have been some weird shit going on. I rode my pedal bike down Wilson Avenue after leaving the Missouri Bakery and headed over to DeGrigorios. I was going the wrong way down Wilson so I jumped up to the sidewalk. Usually the sidewalks are relatively barren, but it was the Hill Days so there were actually more than one person walking down the street. One couple exagerattedly, but casually stepped to the side when I slowly pedaled by. Then as the second set of pedestrians came up I decided to take my chances on the street. I hopped the curb, now realizing that the curb jumping is what was damaging my peaches. I rolled around the corner saw a clear sidewalk and rode it to the store. I avoided the streets for the traffic was high and the streets are narrow. No one was on it. I stopped in to pick up some olives and fresh mozzarella. I was going to make some sandwiches later.

So here is the weird part. I get a phone call on my cell phone from what sounds like an old man.

"you been riding your bike on the Hill today? You been riding on the sidewalk?"

"uh, yeah."

I am a little confused. I am trying to think who this is. Someone is playing a joke.

"You need to stay off the sidewalk"

So I think hard. It had only been in the store a couple of minutes. Someone had just seen me. Someone who had my number. Who was it? I looked a the phone number and it was coming from a 773 number. Landline. Odd. Okay, just respond rationally. People think I am reckless already, just smooth it out.

"Yes I was on the sidewalk. I am so sorry. I will stay off the sidewalk, for I don't want to knock into any pedestrians."


He hangs up. Very weird. I don't recognize the number. I think of people I know in the neighborhood. I know a few, and they are the kinds to do it. My chum Tom Lally lives on the Hill and it sounds like somehting he would do, but I checked my address book and it wasn't his number and he lived on Bischoff. Weird.

I get home and do a reverse lookup of the number. It comes from some guy who lives over near Gravois Park, quite a ways form the Hill. Huh. I check out guys name and try to figure out who he is and I think he is some writer for STL magazine. Funny. Figures. I don't really know him that well, but that doesn't ever seem to stop people to mess with me. I guess he forwarded his phone or something, but still odd. Why go to the effort?

Now there is more to this riding on the sidewalk. I wrote a piece a month or two back when some cop on Grand threatened to arrest me for riding my bike on the sidewalk. Surreal experience, but it wound up being posted on coptalk and they started talking all about me and my address etc. People think I am such a trouble maker. Sheesh. But I don't get why people go to such trouble. Makes it interesting at least.

Busy weekend

So I had an interesting weekend, including riding my bike, meeting with some chums and checking out some new locations.

I am having to find a new location for the fights because the Maplewood City Council had weak knees and didn't understand what it was all about. No worries for I got plenty o' locations that are willing and able. I should have the new location firmed up by Tuesday.

On Friday I went to a happy hour over at the Stamps in Benton Park. Jason had a spread like he always does, this time of some great cheeses. His crew from Core was in effect early and it was another laid back evening. The regular crew began to form later on. Machine Gun stopped in and I gots to talking with him and he took my laptop to sup it up and to fix up. O'Connell stopped in to show his new Eldorado. He has a 78 and just picked up a sweet burgundy 92 model. Very slick. I brought some pumpkin ice cream I made from the pumpkins that grew out of my compost head. I made some toasted seeds too. Tasty.

I did get to ride my bike down to get sopas over at El Bronco on Saturday, and then over to the market. The salsa was particularly tasty. It is always a bit different each time. I rode to the market to pick up some peaches for ice cream that I was making on Sunday for the family at the 'rents. Half of them got banged up in the bicycle saddle bags. I rode over to Pop's Blue Moon after in the afternoon to check out the scene for a potential location for the September 5 fights. They were having an outdoor concert. Was quite a scene.