Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Amusing piece

I shouldn't find so much amusement in this following news report. I yelped out several times as I read the story. Especially toward the end.

Lent approaches eat fish

So we have another Lenten season thrust upon us by the Liturgic calendar. I have long awaited this season of sacrifice. So shed yourself of the revelry many practiced in this Carnival across town over the past few weeks, beginning with the decadance of purple and gold festooned furry critters in a parade and ending in the boisterous merrymaking of flashing of bare asses out of apartment windows in Soulard.

It is time to dine upon the fish.

So if you would like to find a new fish supper, please take consideration of the following gatherings for this weekly holy Lenten feast.

There is a fish marking the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday(this week) from 4-7pm at the New Cathedral on Lindell from 4-7pm.

I will be attending the following Fish Fry Fridays. All are welcome to enjoy the fish, beverages and company.

Friday March 3rd
Saint Joan of Arc at Pernod and Hampton
4-7pm. Most parties show up around 5pm.
Good classic eats with a wider menu of more inviting items and complimentary beverages if the lines are too long. Bonus:Hardworking elementary level youth keeping the room tidy and willing to fetch sides for pocket change.

Friday March 10th
Saint Matthew's 2715 North Sarah between MLK and Nat Bridge
4-7pm. Parties show up around 5pm.
This is going to be the first Fish Fry this parish has had in a good long while. The Jesuits are operating this church so it should be an extra interesting experience.

We do plan on going to some old favorites and new ones. We will not be able to go to some of the old favorites such as Holy Family since the Archbishop shut it down. We do plan on going to the Polish Falcons, Saint Pius, Epiphany Lanes, Mary Assumption on Dolman, Francis de Sales and Saint Stanislaus.

If you would like to get an email updating you of the Fish sign up at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/STLfish/


Monday, February 27, 2006

Mardi Gras

I am now really hitting it hard for Mardi Gras. I just picked up a coffee ice cream crown sundae and a dark chocolate peanut butter cup from Crown. Saturday I ate a cookie ice cream bar, and earlier in the day I ate two cookies before the parade. I think I may get sick before Wednesday.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Spicer's closes this weekend

Boo! The Spicer's 5&10 is closing on Sunday. The one over in Ladue.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Look who replaced Delay

I was listening to Meet the Press from the 5th. Tim Russert usually is a pretty soft interview in comparison to the other boring Sunday morning shows. And that is usually a recipe for really boring.

But I was listening, and I usually only listen if it is a guest I want to hear. But Russert sounded lively. Here is some excerpts from his interview of the new majority leader in the House, John Boehner of Ohio:
MR. RUSSERT: From 535 members of Congress, John Boehner ranked number 10 according to PoliticalMoneyLine, which did analysis of this. Over the last five years they say John Boehner received trips which would equal $157,000, privately funded. And they point out where you went, which is-and here's, here's a list, Congressmen Boehner: White Sulpher Springs, West Virginia, where the Green Briar Resort is, eight times; Boca Raton, Florida, six times; Scottsdale, Arizona, four times; Monterey/Pebble Beach, California twice; Edinburgh, Scotland, home of St. Andrew's Golf Course, twice. Foreign travel: Rome, Venice, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona.

To the American people looking at that, they're saying those aren't exactly the global hot spots in terms of conflict. But they are places that you'd want to go and relax or play golf.

REP. BOEHNER: People want-people invite me to give speeches.
MR. RUSSERT: You said this, according to The Washington Post: "'Yes, I'm cozy with lobbyists,' Boehner told lowmakers-lawmakers concerned about his K Street lobbyist connections, 'but I have never done anything unethical.'" Is that the standard?

REP. BOEHNER: Tim, everything I've ever done in my entire political career has been to the benefit of my constituents and the American people.

And here is the big chink in the armor in terms of Party unity for the Republicans:

MR. RUSSERT: You gave $5,000 from your PAC-leadership PAC to Tom DeLay's defense fund.


MR. RUSSERT: You think Tom DeLay's innocent?

REP. BOEHNER: I do think he's innocent.

MR. RUSSERT: If he is acquitted and chooses to come back to Washington and wants to become majority leader again, would you step aside?

REP. BOEHNER: I'm sure we'll talk about it. Tom and I have a different approach.

MR. RUSSERT: You would talk about it?

REP. BOEHNER: Well, Tom and I have-have different approaches. But I think what's going on in Texas with Tom DeLay is unfortunate, unfair and highly partisan. And that's why I gave him that money out of my PAC, to help him pay for his tremendous legal costs.

MR. RUSSERT: But if he's acquitted and decided to come back to Washington and reclaim the majority leader position, you would consider...

REP. BOEHNER: Under-he stepped down as majority leader. He vacated his seat. We had an election, and I won. But I like Tom DeLay. He's been a great leader for our party. He's a friend of mine, and we're going to continue to work closely together.

MR. RUSSERT: But would you step aside for him?

REP. BOEHNER: I said we would talk about it.

I am not so sure Boehner was the right guy to put in. There is going to be a lot going down over the next year.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Lofistl Anniversary party

My boy Bill Streeter is putting together a show for his mighty fine website. This is pretty slick:



(ST. LOUIS, MO) Bill Streeter will be screening select videos from St. Louis's premier video blog, LO-FI SAINT LOUIS (www.lofistl.com) in honor of its one-year anniversary. The screening is hosted by the Philip Slein Gallery at 1319 Washington in St. Louis, Saturday February 25, 2006 from 7PM to 10PM. Bill has also invited 28 other video bloggers from 8 countries around the world to record introductions to the videos. Select introductions will be screened the night of the 25th, but all of them can be seen on LO-FI SAINT LOUIS as they are posted during the month of February as 28 videos (one a day for the month) from the past year will be rerun on the video blog.

"I wanted to prove that this is truly personal media with a global reach, and to let St. Louis know that the world is watching them." Streeter says.

LO-FI SAINT LOUIS, is the first video blog in the area and features video of live performances of Rock and Roll bands and short documentaries about off-beat local culture and artists. The video blog was launched in February of 2005 Months before the introduction of Apples video capable iPod that has helped to make podcasting a promising new way to distribute media. LO-FI SAINT LOUIS was one of the first video podcasts to be included in Apples iTunes podcast directory when it appeared in June 2005. "I knew last year that it was just a matter of time before Apple released an iPod that could play video, so I wanted to be ready for it when they" Streeter said. The video blog has over 400 subscribers to its video podcast feed to date and boasts nearly 30,000 worldwide video downloads a month.

Podcasts are audio or video programs automatically delivered via an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed and an "always-on" Internet connection like DSL and cable modems. Users can subscribe to these feeds through popular software like Apples iTunes and the popular video blog watching software Fireant, usually for free. Podcasts can be downloaded and viewed or listened to on a variety of devices including computers, hand-helds (like Palm Pilots) and other portable media players. Set-top boxes, similar to cable boxes, capable of receiving this content have already been introduced to market, and TIVO has already made some feeds available on its popular device.

Streeter, a graphic artist, studied film at Columbia College in Chicago. He been an Internet consultant, worked for Internet firms in Chicago and is currently employed by AT&T Yellow Pages. He lives in St. Louis with is wife and son.

The Philip Slein Gallery is located at 1319 Washington Ave (314-621-4634). A meet and greet cocktail hour will precede the screening. An acoustic performance by St. Louis musician, Casey Reid will follow. Cover is $5.00

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Notes of evil from around the world

W has expressed need to expand NATOs role in peacekeeping in Sudan. Wow. I hope that this is followed up. This is unexpected good news. This could be very redeeming, but there is a proven caveat for there has been talk for a long time about really atacking the problem in Sudan, a nation that is sponsoring/condoning genocide of its own people, black African Christians from Darfur. We have threatened oil sanctions before, odd that we only threatened this considering Sudan was designated as a sponsor of international terror back in 93. Oh, it is sordid for certain, but France of course is not backing sanctions on Sudan. France still manages to come out worse than the US in the world approach on Africa.

And of China, our most preferred trader is cementing a trade deal with Iran, a card carrying member of the trio of evil. The Iranian/Chinese trade has multiplied by eight in the past eight years. The oppressive anti-democratic Communist nation and Theocratic Dictatorship sponsor of terror ramped up their trade agreements in anticipation of oil instability due to potential sanctions of Sudan. According to the Washington Post: "China's largest energy firm, China National Petroleum Corp., is the largest investor in a government-led oil consortium. China is the largest buyer of Sudan's oil, as well as the number-one supplier of arms to Sudan."

And China threatens to veto sanctions on Sudan; the African nation that has been designated as a sponsor of terrorism not unlike Afganistan had been designated a haven for terrorists with ties to Osama bin Laden. Funny how that works. Nevermind that China- a democracy repressing communist state invited the other half of evil, Kim Jong Il, the dangerous nutjob in chief of N Korea, to visit China just a while ago. Not unlike our President's visit. Who is the most powerful country in the world? Who is fighting for democracy and freedom around the world? Are we really fighting a war on terror? Shouldn't we include China and Sudan in the Axis of Evil?

So Google and Yahoo sold out an are installing censored search engines in China. They are afraid of losing out. This is awful. Google is defying the corporate creed of "Don't Be Evil." They repress democracy speech in China. They shut down bloggers, news reports and messages. We should really sabotage this effort to shut down democracy in China. We should remove the Communist state filters that redirect questioins about democracy and restrictions on speech on private websites. We should not reveal bloggers identities because the Communist Party feels they are a threat because the bloggers espouse democracy. We should really step in and let the freedom of speech happen. It should be illegal for US companies to partner outside the US in anti democratic business practices and work with state sponsored censorship. We have US severe sanctions on Iran, North Korea and in this evil duo we would never allow US companies to work with the repressive regimes in these countries, especially in concern to furthering censorship and repressing democratic speech.

We fought for decades in the cold war to eliminate the evils of communism. We fought the second WW to eliminate the evils of oppressive fascist dictators around the globe. Both communists and fascists would restrict and punish those who opposed the state and spoke of democratic reform. It looks like we have lost this fight in many ways to the communists in Asia and in other ways to the fascists in Africa and the Middle East. We are letting others become what we have fought against and now we are slowly becoming what we have fought against. We are restricting our own speech. We are jailing our own journalists. We are listening in to our people's private speech. We are becoming a less open society, a less open government and a more invasive state instead of leading the new world order toward more peace, more freedom, more stability and more security. We have more war, less freedom, less stability -both politically and economically-, less secure and still not prepared for disaster either by attack or natural causes.

If you get a chance- get a copy of the following movie Seoul Train. It is about the Chinese participation in the persecution of North Korean people. It is a sad story about a family trying to flee the North Korean Government and how the Chinese tried to send them back as they tried to get sanctuary at the Japanese embassy in China. It is really a sad scene.

Chisholm and Royale Notes and more

A good friend of mine suggested I pick up this movie on Netflix. It is called Chisholm '72: Unbought & Unbossed.

This is a documentary featuring Shirley Chisholm, the first woman and black to seriously run for President. I picked it up particularly to celebrate President's Day on Monday. I remember hearing about this in school although we never really studied the significance other than a footnote, I also remember reading in newspapers talking about her in past elections comparing them to the current election cycle. What she did was really fascinating, especially looking back into the past. She really encompassed social and civil change and took great risks for this forward change. Look at what had just been happening in the country and for a black person, and a woman to run for President. It was harsh. She is a brave woman.

So DJ Akita san is spinning at the Royale Saturday night. Be sure to step in for relaxed late night sip and listen to the tunes.

It was a very fun evening earlier. I had another great doorman. Winston "Buddy" Shaw. I actually was asking him about if he had any fighters that might be interested in doing door, and he told me he would love to do it. He is retired and his wife works nights. Winston is probably one of the best boxing coaches, if not the best in the midwest. He runs Gamble Gym over by the old Pruitt Igoe on the west side of Jefferson. He has been coaching since 1977. I was very honored that he would even want to work with me. He loved it. He worked great.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


We are having a wonderful evening tonight. Katie Clancy and her father Dennis brought a wonderful band to the Royale, Nostalgia. They are sort of a doo-wop act. We are having a wonderful special event for Valentines Day. Everyone is really enjoying the show this evening. It certainly would be criminal to enjoy something like this after a show around the corner from the Casa Loma.

Redbones in the House

Here is a picture of me with Redbones and his special lady Diane. They came down to visit the Royale last night.

He bought the house a round. What a class act. She is very cool. She said she could tell I was a good Irish Catholic by the way I presented myself. She works at an architecture firm. They have a great relationship. His joint is up on Kossuth and Vandaventer on the northside of Fairgrounds Park. It is a very cool place. He has been in business before I was even born. He opened the place in 1972. He has seen a lot. They really liked the place. They said I have a great crowd. We talked about the business quite a bit. He gave me quite a bit of advice. He has a great attitude. He was younger than me when he opened and he had a lot of support from his friends and family. It was lean when he opened. He had three dollars in his pocket on opening night. He had to get people in the bar to help him make change. He told me he was a sharecropper from the south, and at this point in his life "it is all good".
The same night a crew came in called the "Fuckin' Bike Club." They meet up at the Hi Pointe on their bikes and then they go bar hopping on their bikes. It looks like a lot of fun. There were about thirty or so in the crew. They used my bike rack for real. They were a fun and lively crew. I should join them sometime.
Toby Hicks spun records last night. It was interesting because he knows Redbones from when he was a kid. His father used to own a bottle shop around the corner from Redbone's Den. Toby is one of the few DJs that spins entirely on his laptop. Last night he was pumping out the jams. Good stuff. The crowd was loving it all for they had their free drink and great music.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bill Blass for sale

I have decided to sell my 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V Series Bill Blass edition.
Fully loaded
Power windows, seats, locks, am/fm 8 track, leather blue/white two tone seats, two tone blue/white exterior, nautical theme with Bill Blass anchor buttons, pristine trunk, carraige top, new tires, no rust, clean chrome, rolls royce style grill, excellent shape. This is the rare Bill Blass edition.
108xxx miles
for inquiries email ironskillet5@yahoo.com

I am not sure what I am going to get next. Maybe a newer Cady. The mid 90s Northstars are cheap and great cars almost always in good condition. Maybe an older Buick Riviera. A boattail preferably. Maybe a Chevy. Impala. Caprice. A Ford perhaps. A Crown Vic. Maybe a police package. Or perhaps and Oldsmobile. I would absolutely love a newer Mercury Marauder. It is so fun buying cars.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Teetotaler keeping out the undesirable elements

I just saw Eve, an old friend of mine down in the restaurant just a few minutes ago. She pointed down to the paper and looked up to me and said "this is some bullshit." Eve is a teacher at U City High. She is a sharp one.

"I can't believe this!"

She shook her head. She pointed to this story on liquor licenses that came out in Wednesday's RFT. I asked her about what she was reading. I hadn't heard about this. The story covers some very important points about how these prohobitionist laws are keeping down huge areas of this town.

I went upstairs and talked to Helen. She is my assistant. She is in school to become an art teacher.

I showed her the article.

"That doesn't make any sense! Why would they do that?"

I just smile. These are young people who live in our town. We talk about making this town a place to attract and retain young people. Sad. So sad.

KDHX needs to be spotted

KDHX is holding an extra pledge drive. They are in a tight spot right now. They are making a rare push for some extra funding. There is an extra pledge drive right now and goes through next week. KDHX is a great and rare community resource. If you listen, try to give them an extra bump. If you don't listen, you may want to start because they are extremely valuable on several levels to Saint Louis. We are very, very lucky to have this station. KDHX is not guaranteed to be around forever.

Fully Automatic Saint Louis Sun

So I receive this communique from one of my guys in DC about a package:
Will you be around Thursday afternoon? I'm sending a guy over. Feed him lunch and a beer and he'll have something for you.

I inquired more. He followed up:

The delivery arrives Thursday between noon and 2 pm. Can you be there? If not, how about some kid? Someone with a little strength? Buy the deliverer lunch and a pint. It will be worth it. advise asap so i can confirm shipment.

So a kind looking older man in a sharp suit arrives Thursday afternoon. I go with this overqualified bagman out to his truck to help bring in this delivery.

This is a newspaper box for the Saint Louis Sun. The Sun was a newspaper that came out to compete with the Post back in 1989 or 90. I remember when it came out, for I was working for the Post at the time. I started off selling three stars and five star Posts on street corners. I had started with the Globe and Post and that quickly turned into just the Post. I then started working on the trucks delivering the Sunday bulldog to stores in the middle of the night. I loved working that job for it was all cash and I was supposed to carry a knife. I would get butterfly knives and switchblades. I would jump off the truck before it stopped and they would throw the bundles at me. Early on Saturday morning we would assemble the papers by putting the comics together with the auto section and then at night we would put these pieces in the news section before we went on runs. It was always a rush. My coworkers were a shifty bunch of characters. It was quite the education. Big Matt the speed metal old guy who dealt comic books. Crazy Brad who had a half dozen DUIs who was drunk all the time. Larry, he was about six foot nine. Dave, the guy who was a nearly religious fan of Megadeth and even had vanity plates that read MEGDETH.

We would be covered in newsprint and smell like diesel exhaust by the end of the shift. We looked like chimney sweeps. We would blow our noses and it would come out black. We would cuss and listen to a lot of KSHE. We always were flush with cash. We had money like all the rich kids. We would have to be careful of the slick stuff (ads inside the comics) and be careful about how we stacked papers or we would have an avalanche inside the shack (the building we would assemble the papers in). There was a lot of yelling and cussing. I loved that job.
I asked my boss if we were going to carry the Sun. He said "Fuck that!" Simple enough. I was very curious. The Sun stole a bunch of writers from the Post and came out to huge fanfare. But they had distribution problems. A lot of problems. And you can see that in the condition of this box.

My boss Mike at the Post carrier used to carry a revolver. Now we didn't really carry much cash on us, except for pickups from the occasional newspaper stand. But Mike was pretty country that way. He was hardcore. He used to shoot Kiyotes(coyotes) on his farm. He would go bow hunting up in the yukon. He would hunt goats or sheep or something. I never really understood that. I remember when I started early on how he would show me the bullets and explain to me what hollow points were.

So the story of this particular box is sordid, but from what I have figured it was found/stolen from the side of the road riddled with bullets. A message was probably being sent to the Sun carrier. I am not sure. I chatted with the sharp dressed bagman during his lunch. He only wanted a water with his lunch. A cool, calm and collected man.

The box is on loan from my guy in DC. I am just holding it. The bagman was in town monitoring some business about the governor. He knows a lot about things here in town. He has the inside information on the Brewery. He said he is going to make the Royale his headquarters whenever he is in the STL.


I just got back from Schnucks on the Hill. They are redoing the interior. It is looking great. I noticed the produce section looked even better, considering they already had one of the best produce selections in town. I really like to see businesses reinvesting their money into their properties. It is easy to take an extra paycheck and put off taking care of business. I think many places forget that there is a need to reinvest as you continue to operate. You always gotta be on top of it.

The Mayor has a sense of humor

...or at least he lets his writers have fun. I think it is great that 24% of Saint Louisans love freedom enough to cane violators of the leash law. This is the latest poll from Frankie Slay's website. Results can be seen here.

Should bicycles be required to have licenses?

No, but bicyclists should be required to take a basic road safety course

How often have you urinated outdoors within the City's borders in the last three years?

A few times
Many times

What is the maximum number of animals that should be allowed in a home?

One or two
No more than five
As many as will fit

Should mimes and other street performers be required to have licenses?

Yes, in some neighborhoods
No regulation is necessary
Regulate mimes, but let everyone else slide
Bring back the old Social Evils Ordinance, license prostitutes

Should fortunetellers, seers, necromancers, and astrologers be permitted to practice their crafts in the City?

Yes, as long as they get a business license

What should be the minimum penalty for failing to clean up after your dog?

A fine, like a parking ticket
A fine, like a speeding ticket
Community service involving a shovel
Confiscate the pet

Should people who violate the City's leash law be caned in public?


Should un-pasteurized milk be allowed to be sold at farmers markets?


Should open house signs, but not for sale and yard sale signs, be permitted to litter public right of ways?


What is the maximum number of political signs that should be displayed in a yard?

No more than five
As many as I want

Bonus Question:
In a reasonable world, which should carry the harsher penalty?

Having large speakers concealed in a car
Having large handguns concealed in a ca

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

1/3 of the Axis of Evil children are fatter than ours

I have been watching a great show called Foreign Exchange. It is online. It is hosted by Fareed Zakaria, the editor of Newsweek International. It is really good. He gives great perspective. Something we often are unable to get considering our traditional place in the world. Great interviews and very telling stats. Here are some crazy stats he recently posted:

Percentage of overweight/obese children:
Russia 10%
Brazil 14%
UK 20%
USA 26%
Spain 30%
Iran 34%

Source: Foreign Policy WHO

You can watch his great piece on nutrition here.

I am not surprised that the US does not lead the pack. I bet most Americans just assume that Europeans and Asians are healthier. We have a serious problem, but I believe as Americans we usually assume we are the worst nation when it comes to such problems. We assume that we are the best or worst so often.

The following stat is also telling:

90 suicide attacks in Israel since 1993.
315 suicide attacks worldwide between 1980 and 2003.
400+ suicide attacks in Iraq since March 2003.
Source: Rand Corporation

This really gives perspective.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Like I need it and monkey dung

So I am going to be on Restaurant Tuesday on John Carney's radio show. Funny. I have never been on a big time commercial radio show before. I remember when I was a kid I took a tour of one.

I used to listen to John back when he was on way late, after the big grumper. He was relatively new to radio at the time, I guess about eight or so years ago. I used to listen as I was counting down in the office at the old Side Door after a show. One time John was holding a contest on the air. The contest consisted of anyone who called in with the most interesting/strange/whatever superbowl party last year. The winner had John visit their party this year. I found it hard to think of that as a prize, but hey, it would be pretty funny to have John at a party.

So I called in to the radio show. I told him my name was Javier and I had a monkey at last years party. John, being a man of good humor, went with it.

"Yeah, I got monkey. He is so funny. I rented him."

"You have got to be kidding!!"

"Everybody loves the monkey. He always sticks his lips up in a funny way. Monkeys are so funny!"

"Are you going to have a monkey this year?"

"I am not sure. I think there was a problem. I am not sure if they will rent me the monkey this year, but I do plan on getting a llama, a sheep and some rabbits."

I then told him I had to go and called back the next night. Now friends of mine were listening.

Then the calls started coming in. People were hot. Everyone had an opinion. The general concensus was they did not approve. But it was a very funny debate, for a lot of people were having fun.

"Doesn't the monkey make a mess?"

"We put a diaper on him. Well, there was a problem. Even though I told all my friends not to give the monkey anything to drink or anything to eat, they did it anyway."

"What happened?!"

"Well, sure enough, one of my less mature friends gave the monkey something to drink."

"What did he drink?"

"Some beer. I think. I am not sure. But I am sure the monkey got a bit tipsy. It is hard to say really. I mean, I am not sure how a monkey acts when he is drunk. He just seemed a bit belligerent and happy about it."

"What happened?"

John was dying here. He was trying not to laugh, but he couldn't help it.

"John. It was kind of gross. I am not sure it is appropriate to say this on the air, but the monkey put his hand in the diaper. The monkey put his hand in the diaper and flung his own monkey dung around."

laughter. Lots of laughter. I started to go into more detail about the dry cleaning bills, how the monkey was now a regular smoker enough to prefer Marlboros and now the owner of the monkey would not rent it to me again, but it didn't matter, I had already gone far enough. John was just laughing so hard.

The next night a friend of mine called. Mark Rolf. Yes, the Mark Rolf. He called up. He did it in his moderately drunken Mike Shannon voice on top of it.

"Yes John, heh heh, I am the one who actually got the monkey for that Superbowl party."

"Where does one rent a monkey?"

Mark replied without any hesistation:

"Over at Monkey Monkey Monkey. It is located over in the Monkey District. Heh, heh. Everybody loves a monkey"

John lost it. I lost it as I was counting quarters. I didn't know Mark was going to call in, but I could tell that Mike Shannon voice.

So I have to bring John food for ten people and four gift certificates. I am supposed to go to the downtown studios of KMOX. How exciting. I get there at 10:45. I have to remember that. I guess I am on at 11 or 11:30. I hope the food doesn't get cold. Eh, maybe I will bring some liquid meals.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Street Mags

The Royale was featured in Hipster Magazine. This is a new slick 5x5 inch 50 page mag that features life of the "Hipster" in Saint Louis. It looks very east coast big city. They do little "Hip Profile" featurettes of restaurants, nightspots, art, new fancy liquors, DJs, and such. The mag is very pretty and has ads from bars, liquor companies, shoe stores and boutiques. It is kind of neat. Not exactly my scene of places, but a neat thing nonetheless. I love these other indie type mags.

There is a little DIY punk rock style zine which we appeared in. It is the same size, fewer pages and has much less content, but it is more of a listing kind of zine with record stores, punk bands and cheap eats based almost entirely on places on the southside. The mag is actually the same size, but it looks like it was done on a copier and used cut out pieces and pencil in the punk rock style. I think the crew that made that map was responsible for this mini-zine. It is kind of neat for they use pieces of the bus schedule as a backdrop.

The other mag I find amusing is Saint Louis Nights. It features mainly bars from North STL. It has more of the DIY style of the punk mag but is full size. It has some great looking ads. Classic stuff. Little content, but a wide range of places represented.

Now the "Hip Profile" in Hipster Magazine of the Royale was amusing. One sentence in it read: He redesigned the space to have a retro edge where customers view pop art and portraits of famous entertainers and revolutionaries on a backdrop of yellow and orange walls.

This is funny because the review we got from Sauce had a funny line in it too. It read:
The interior has a retro feel, with large portraits of historical figures such as Frank Sinatra, Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy.

I guess the white guys in ties sort of all look alike. If I walked in I would figure that a picture of an entertainer should be on the wall. It feels like that should be the case. That is not my thing though. I am not really in the know when it comes to celebrities, whether it is old school or new school. I think Sinatra is kind of a questionable anyway to have up on a wall permanently, not really worthy of hanging on the same wall as the crew I have up there now. For those who have not been I have the following portraits on the wall, W.E.B. Dubois, Forrest Donnell, Martin Luther King, David Hackworth, Mel Carnahan, Muhammad Ali, Lech Walesa, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Dorothy Day, Harriet Tubman, JFK, RFK and Joseph Pulitzer. I think that is it. There might be another. I got some more I want to put up.

There was no review of the Royale in the punk rock mag though. Just a few prominent listings. I am curious why the punk zine featured the Royale considering my number one, Shit in the Face just called me a yuppie. Pete said I was cool though cuz I got some cool friends and cool people that come into my joint. I think I might be losing some of my street cred. I also heard that my place is very "quaint" by some unnamed hipsters. These comments are just fine with me.

My favorite street mag is not in the STL. It is the Lowlife Guide to Memphis. Memphis is my new favorite city. I had been such a huge fan of Chicago up until about five years ago. I still love Chicago, but Memphis stole my heart. I always wanted to move back to Chicago since we moved to the STL. I always went back every summer for a few weeks as a kid. When I got older I applied for schools, looked for jobs, visited even more often, usually several times a year. I even moved up there briefly. Memphis through this guide shows you the bare soul of the city. The STL has an online version of this guide that Kopper has put together in a wiki style site. It is great. I would love to have a paper version on the STL.

Old reviews

I used to do reviews for Sauce back in the day. I started with them when they were only and online mag. I was reading over a few recently. I found this one particularly interesting. I reviewed a bar called Sweet Ps over in Bevo about six years ago. It doesn't really seem that long ago. It was in interesting situation. All this talk of immigrants reminded me of this review. It was such a weird situation. I was there with Catherine Kustelski, J Victor Moore and maybe Landewe and maybe Crone. I can't fully remember who exactly. I remember the rep of Sweet Ps. I think it is still operated by the same crew. I know there were some rough ones that ran in the place and there was a breakdown. Things got exacerbated. I still remember just how calm and cool the bartender was and how over involved I got.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cherokee business

I went down to the Honduran joint, Los Catrachos, on Cherokee last week for dinner. It is pretty good. It is not my first stop on Cherokee, for I like spicy Mexican food like over at Casa Lupita or Bronco. But the food at Los Catrachos is certainly tasty and cheap!

The owner waited on the table. He had spruced the place up since I had last been. He had sort of a mini grocery in the back. This place has been all sorts of businesses over the years. Brick Oven Pizza was there. They were really involved in the community, the weed and seed. The owners were very active. They didn't exactly get rich off of it and moved on to better things. The next owners were a soul food joint. I never went, for if I have tacos or soul food in front of me, as I do when I stand on Cherokee, tacos will win.

This is the only Honduran restaurant that I know of in the STL. And it is located on Cherokee. This is quite obviously great. I talked with the owner for a bit. His name is Dennis. He recognized me and wanted to tell me of his latest problem. He just got broken into the previous night. They robbed the place of cologne, perfume and a few other things. They came in and closed the curtains and went to work. This sucks.

He said how he wants to move his restaurant to a better neighborhood. Business is slow. He speaks positively, but it was obvious things were tight. I could tell in his voice. He sounded desperate. Dennis is church going guy. He told me how he does not hate, and how he prays for the people that broke into his business. I spoke in a very positive fashion back to him. He told me how he wants to open a grocery store in the next space. He wants to buy the building, move upstairs with his family. He wants to make a Honduran grocery store. I know that is the first one in the STL. He can't get the money from the bank. Business is not exactly popping for him on Cherokee. This is not a good indicator of a positive business climate on the street.

Do we really listen to those who are making our city work?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


It is amazing that watching the Sate of the Union can be such a show. The house was packed tonight. I thought the State of the Union was just something that nerds like me watched. Well, the house was full of nerds tonight.

Channel 5 came to the house to shoot our nerd parade. Funny. It is on download from the 5 site.