Wednesday, May 31, 2006

been busy

I have four posts that I will put up soon, but I need to finish and edit. Business calls.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

RIP Katherine Dunham

RIP Katherine Dunham

Propers to our own passed great Saint Louisans.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The President and Mister Smith Goes to Washington

I think the President should be commended in his push for proper immigration reform. An understanding of the greatness of our American history makes it easier to understand at the moment.

I also think that we need to protect our borders. The terrorists who killed all of those thousands of Americans on that fateful day got into the US through the borders on the north.

I do find it interesting that many of the Republicans oppose the legal reform inside the US, instead choosing to push for the increase in the big government spending for increasing military force. That is an awful lot of money, and for what greater productive benefit? The legal solution is much cheaper and effective.

I got a request on Myspace a couple weeks ago from "Illegal Immigrants are Criminals!"

My stars.

The President didn't have to push for this reform. He could have stuck to his guns and butter, but that really hasn't been working. I can't imagine any advisor would have suggested this issue would work in the President's favor considering the Republican party has become so radicalized against this kind of thing. It is interesting to see how the Republicans turn against each other.

Amusing indeed.

So I am going to Washington DC and Baltimore next month. I am most excited. I might get a tour of the News Hour and perhaps Washington Week. I haven't had a proper vacation in about two years.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Derby Day at the Royale

Here is a video from the Royale. I am starting up a Royale website in which I will be able to update the content regularly. It is kinda cool actually. I don't have everything ready for the website, but I am going to post this here. I won't post things like this on STLStreets, but on site not up yet). I plan on putting up things here on STLStreets now that I have this camera. It will be interesting to see how this works.

This is a picture of the family.

This is a great picture of my sis. I love you Jenny! You look so great! I think it says "startled demon."

Mad, mad, mad props to Mister Bill Streeter of Lofistl. He has been instrumental in helping me put together my sites. He is going to be starting to teach classes for KDHX.

He is really doing revolutionary things in terms of creating a place for this new type of communication. He is into video blogging. This is a whole new type of content, and it is very free and real. Bill is going to be going to be on a panelist/speaker in San Fransisco for Vloggercon. What a nerd!! It is so neat. It really is. Bill is going to be hosting Culture Jam on Wednesdays here at the Royale starting in June. We are going to be using a projector to do this outside. He is going to be showing original content that he finds on the net. I sat at his house the other day watching the new TV- the video blogs. It is funny stuff. It is Culture Jam. And I think it is going to be every Wednesday at the Royale at dark.

Very Exciting

There might be putting in a Metrolink next to the Royale! Yay! This cannot happen fast enough. Transportation is going to be changing more and more in the years to come. This is only a good thing. The plan says a stop on Arsenal between Brannon and the Schnucks and another down south of the Home Depot. I bet this is ten years out, but I hope to have this business for much longer than that. The bike rack will get even more use.

I still remember in college when they were talking about the Metrolink and north county. People would say the folks from the city and/or East STL would jump the train and come out and break into their houses and steal their TVs. I remember when one of my classmates was relaying this "true" scenario and all I could think of was some fella sitting on the train with a big TV on his lap. All I could do was laugh. It was a funny visualization. Around the same time I remember hearing talk radio around the time of the Rodney King riots in LA. One guy, it was one of the big names but I can't remember who, was warning that once the people in the city were done rioting we would head out to Saint Charles and riot. This was so funny and odd. We did not have any riots in the STL, although things were tense without doubt. I was thinking of people carpooling out to Saint Chuck to riot. That would have been a very funny movie. I could imagine the chuckleheads that riot trying to coordinate rides out to the burbs. Weird weird weird how disconnection can fuel the imagination or fantasy.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


The start up funding is happening for the PAC. This is the first step in our direction ahead. Apparently this was a big deal. I got a several random emails in congrats for the award. The Skandalaris Center for Entrepenuerial Studies. According to a friend the room included some really big VIPs in the big business world. I had to go through a class the past few months about applying for funding and creating a sustaining business model. It was really interesting really. I learned a lot. We all learned a lot. We got our board together. We are making marked progress. We have a more firm (firmer?) plan. A more detailed, sustainable and solid model of operation. We had been just doing for so long. Wash U really was amazing.

I had never been so nervous before I did my first presentation. The second liver presentation was somewhat easier. It was a group effort at that point. The pressure for the first one was more than my first wrestling match in high school and much more pressure than my first fight. My hands that held the note cards shook as I did my first verbal pitch about the program about two or so months ago. I haven't had pressure like that in a long time. Funny, for I thought I was getting used to it.

We meet again on Thursday. We got a lot more work to do. We can get this in full motion soon.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Commies and Pay Per View

I got a call the other morning from a number 0-123-4567. I almost didn't answer it.

It was my friend in Communist China. Funny.

We talked business for a while. He wanted to know how things were going for the gym. He is helping in our bid for the kid program at the PAC. We find out tomorrow.

I asked him a bit about what was going on in China. It sounds hectic. He is there with a pharmaceutical company. Things are different over there.

Of course we discussed last week's Mayorga v DeLaHoya pay per view bout last weekend. I had a friend bring me a copy, but I hadn't seen it yet when he called.

They show the pay per view fights on state national television every Sunday morning. Huh. Free headline fights.

My friend in China was able to keep up easier than I can in the world of boxing in the United States by fighters from Mexico and Nicaragua.

I just watched the fight. I don't care what people say. It was a great fight. Sure, maybe sloppy, but man what a great bout. Great heart by both boxers. Pleasant surprise, although Mayorga has always shown heart.

I wonder if they read his emails. Actually I know they read his emails. He told me they shut down his ISP for two days after he emailed some anti-communist literature.

We have exchanged quite a few documents online. I wonder if any of my emails to him have been read.


Does our governement help China in these efforts? I use Yahoo mail. Yahoo is playing ball with China. They are using filters that cut speech. They turn in bloggers who don't tote the line in China. They are then put in prison in the China gulag. How much is our government trying to protect us from the prying eyes of China? Is our government working with China?

I don't think so.

But I don't like saying "I don't think so."

I like to know.

The US has been trying to put pressure on Iran to stop their drive to create nuclear weapon. Iran is a wacky country. They have consistently been repressing democratic reforms, public speech and women for the past 27 years. They jail their own people for speaking out.

Both China and Russia have been pushing against firming up UN sanctions against this terrorist state.

And we won the Cold War?

I think we need to review this.

I hope we get this grant tomorrow.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Saint Pius Picnic this weekend

I was going down Grand yesterday, and I saw a kid, maybe eight or nine and he was standing at the fence looking in at all of the rides. How cool. Can't wait.

The Saint Pius Parish Picnic is tonight and tomorrow. Yay!! There are plenty of throw up rides for the kids, great international food and Schlafly beer. I was contacted to help them get Schlafly. The Nuns involved at Saint Pius didn't want to get scab beer. We are going to be able to sell the beer cheap too. Two or two fifty a draft. Nice.

Saint Pius is on Grand at Utah. It starts tonight and then tomorrow morning and ends Saturday night. This will be a place to see what all the new fashion is for the different kids of Saint Louis.

I need to get my battery in the Cadillac today. I want to try to get it running for the parade tomorrow. Need to wash it.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


So I was at a meeting discussing the job training, financial education and job placement for a board that I am on for a partnering organization up off of North Sarah. There is a lot going on in the organization. It has been working, but it has so much more it can do.

They have been paying kids to work in the neighborhood which is wonderful. They want to develop even more. Having kids work in their own neighborhood is great. Having a big time regular job that you have to jump the bus for is very cool too.

We talked a lot about organizational stuff and then we brought up a part about how to pay the kids. It was brought up that instead of paying the kids cash, we can give them pre-paid credit cards. There was a program through Visa that allows kids to buy, for 10 bucks, pre-paid credit cards. After the ten bucks you can load the card with 15 dollar increments of "credit", but in reality this is a debit card not tied to an account. More like cash, but only transferable at a place that takes credit cards.

Oh. Uh. I don't know about that. Certainly not before teaching a kid how to save money in a bank. That does not sound good at all. You don't save credit cards. I guess you could, but these credit cards are not made to save money. Pre-paid credit cards are meant to be spent. I am sure they have expiration dates on them like gift certificates. It is not equal to cash or money in the bank. It is far more important to know how to use a savings account than to use a credit card.

It was brought up that the kids purchases can be tracked. This does not sound right at all. If the parents want to know how a kid spends their money, they can. They can ask them. The parents can find out how much money the kid makes. They can then ask them what they spend their money on. They can even ask for receipts from the kids if they want to.

A parent can forbid their kid from working too. But they can't when they hit 18. The kid can do whatever they want to do. The parent no longer has any legal control over the kid, nor do they hold any responsibility for the kid either. A lot happens to kids when they are 18.

I used to track all of my purchases for a year. I was a kid. I put everything I brought in on a paper spread sheet. It was from mowing lawns, shoveling walks, birthday money, taking bottles to the store, selling crunched aluminum cans at the scrapyard, selling papers, washing dishes, bussing tables. Whatever. And I documented on the spreadsheet what I spent my money on: Taco Bell, baseball cards, movies, handheld LCD vid games, renting movies, bike parts, baseball caps/jerseys(jr thug look), pet mice, baseball bats, shooting pool (RIP), fireworks and pocket knives. And I managed to save quite a bit of money in the process. It was rather fantastic coming out of high school having purchased my own car, having general fun(unable to talk to girls though) and money in the bank. It was great to move out at 18 and get my own cheap apartment(room rental of house) when I was 19. This is really not a big deal, and it should not be a big deal for young people to be able to work and buy their own car and get their own place, all while using checks to pay their bills.

Another at the meeting had brought up that they got their daughters a savings account, but they kept withdrawing money and he (father the custodian) would get dinged for overdrafts. I don't understand, for the savings account my father was custodian I was unable to overdraw. I think this may have been a checking account or a really crappy/ill named savings account.

I learned what it meant to get nailed for an overdraw. I learned about that real fast. First my mother would say something me, and then my father would say something.

I knew it was serious to get hit with an overdraft notice and fee, and that was obvious for I had to pay the 25 bucks. I didn't like losing out on 25 bucks.

If a kid has a real savings account, he/she can prove they can save and handle money without the risk of getting dinged. Then possibly they can prove they can handle a checking account with risk of getting dinged. Then after a while- maybe 18, maybe younger you can try them out with a real credit card. A real way to be able to borrow money, and not at the short term loan joint. Then after they are good for years and years teach them how to move their credit around and how to buy a house with a real loan after proving they can pay their credit cards.

These will be some real dangerous kids when they grow up. They will be working regularly. They will save money. They will be investing their money well by learning how to borrow money properly.

Now this won't work with all kids. A lot of kids will just never even deposit their money, instead just cashing their check and spending it on candy and chips. Some may not be able to balance a checkbook. Many won't be able to handle a bank card, much less a credit card. There are a lot of adults that can't do this. That is okay. That is reality, but this can change for some people. Some people can get a head start. And they may go on and open businesses. Go to school. Get a job and buy a house. Who knows? Good luck, work hard, we all put into the system and yay America!!

Or what are the Anarchist kids on the southside saying?

Work is terrorism.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Soccer Team

Here is a pic of the elite soccer team of the Panda AC. The hooligans take the fields this Wednesday in their new threads.

One Year Anniversary


ONCE again that season is UPON us in which FRESH-CUT grass, the DREAM of ill-gotten GAINS and the blessed marriage of BOURBON and MINT begin to press themselves graciously, IF insistently, upon the MINDS of players and ne'er-do-wells everywhere.

The one-hundred-and-thirty-second running of the KENTUCKY DERBY is nigh.

On Saturday the SIXTH day of May, from 2 p.m. on, please join The Royale in celebrating the first jewel in the Triple Crown, and, lest we forget, A YEAR in the tavern, dining, dealmaking and conversational BUSINESS!

JOIN us inside or in the GARDEN. Feel the warm sun on your FACE. Grasp a MINT JULEP (and carefully! mind its dear BEADS of sweat). Root for the HORSES. Sink your teeth into that DEAR gift from the Italians of New Orleans, the MUFFULETTA. Rub shoulders with FAR-FLUNG devotees of JIGGER and FLASK who no doubt will find their way BACK for this fabulous afternoon. And as the warm evening DRAWS on, may you taste the FIRST blush of summer.

If Music Be The Food Of Love

From 2 to 6 p.m., revelers may feast upon the jazzings of JESSICA BUTLER and her band, LINN. From shuffle to Louisiana jazz, Ms. Butler(and a special guest horn section) is going to work it OUT.

From 6 to 9 p.m. in the garden, DJ MARK EARLY and the MODERNISTS will spin soul, blues, Motown and lounge. After 9 p.m., the mad CARNIVAL moves indoors, where the music shall PLAY until 1 a.m.

REGARDING HORSES, and, most interestingly, Their Names

The FIELD is far from set, and some of the horses whose names have been bandied about shall not MAKE it. But if even a FRACTION of the following qualify, BETTORS and lovers of words alike shall be treated to a rich TABLEAU. Take, for instance, the current ODDS-ON favorite, Brother Derek, or Lawyer Ron, or Bluegrass Cat. The LARCENOUS among us might take a look at Keyed Entry. The PROUD, Flashy Bull. Hesse cultists may have A BET in Steppenwolfer. And Southerners have High Cotton. The race should go off between 4:45 p.m. and 5 p.m. If you care to watch, do make a point of arriving early.


Gentlemen: PLEASE consider DONNING a jacket or SOMETHING that might at least whisper the word "natty."

Ladies: As ALWAYS, please do come as you ARE; it should NOT go without MENTION, however, that several of your PEERS have been overheard discussing the debut of SUMMER dresses and, even, hats.