Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Royale Update for November

Greetings again to the weekly update from the Royale.

The Cards thumped the Tigs in the World Series! Yay.

Thanks to Byron Kerman for the correct answer of the Double Barrel Darrell Response. So many were quick on that one.

I Fire!
II Two Martini Lunch
III Subcontinental Sundays
IV Happy Hour Specials
V Election Day Specials and other events
VI DJ List

I Fire!
This fall has been quite beautiful. Please join us for marshmallows at the many fire pits in the back for a late night campfire sip.

II Two Martini Lunch
Until 3pm Monday through Thursday we will be featuring the two martini lunch. So bring your boss and show what it means to enjoy work! Or, better yet, don't bring your boss and enjoy lunch without the peering eye. Come down to order from a selection of the Vodka Royale, or the Martini of the day for a two for one price.

III Subcontinental Sundays
Subcontinental Sundays. Every Sunday we are featuring a five dollar Subcontinental all day long. Take the Sunday to wind down with this sip of gin, cucumber and love.

IV Happy Hour Specials
And don't forget our weekday happy hour of $2.50 drafts of Griesedieck Beer, Schlafly Beer and O'Fallon Beer. Yum! We just got a fresh new barrel of the Schlafly Coffee Stout in. Yum!

V Special Events and such
So I must ask for you to vote next Tuesday. For if you vote, you can qualify for our special Patriotic Punch special. We will be the official locale of the Missouri Election Returns. So feel free to stop in between crashing election after parties. Just come in with your voter reg card or one of those "I voted stickers" gets you a special on the Butler Miller or Schlafly Draft.

Every Wednesday is the Saint Louis Vintage Motorcycle meetup at the Royale at 7pm on. Specials and free soda pop for all those on two wheel motor machines. Park right up on the spacious sidewalk and trade tales of your motorbike. All bikes welcome new and old.

We now carry the new issue of the 52nd City issue of Drink. It is sold behind the bar! How appropriate.

VI DJ/Entertainment lineup
Thursday: Jackson of the Spyders will spin rock and or roll fun.
Friday: we have Darren Snow of KDHX Rocket 88 spinning at 10pm
Saturday: the legendary Jim Utz spins all the great music of mankind at 10pm
Sunday: early we have the way cool spin through the years of Joe Oder. Spin from the lounge, ska, rock-a-billy, wave, pop and more. 6pm start
Sunday: late we have Fat Elvis and Roboto Cobra. If you have ever heard good music at Hartford Coffee, it is likely that these guys were in control of the boom box.
Monday: we have Sean Savoy early and a TBA later. Anyone want to spin?
Tuesday: we have our special election party Mark Early late
Wednesday: Rob Tygett will spin wave, punk and more on the 8th
Thursday Linn featuring Jessica Butler will be performing in her jazz trio from 7-9pm and following the set will be the Rock and Roll Sounds of JJ

Coming up in November (all spins late unless otherwise noted. Late spins start at 10pm and early start at 6pm.)
11/10 Barb Cliffe
11/11 Rob Levy
11/12 Paul Mueller
11/13 early: DJ Blackpetunia
late: open
11/14 early: DJ Frostee
late: Mark Early TITNW
11/15 Trashley
11/16 early: Ken Kase
late: Jackson
11/17 Al Swacker
11/18 Brulee
11/19 early: Julie Portman
late: Joe Oder
11/20 early: Sean Savoy
late: Joe Vetteroth
11/21 Mark Early

And coming up on the last Wednesday of the month is the Awesome Sluts featuring a bicycle monthly with DJ Joee.

This week's free drink Trivia:
In the spirit of the election season, who was the first elected Mayor of the City of Saint Louis?

Feel free to forward to friends or if you want to sign up for the list email back or go to:

Keep the peace

Steven Fitzpatrick Smith


Few things and go vote!

Word just relayed to me: Missouri Bloggers are to be featured on the News Hour tonight. No link info yet.

Business is right back on track now that the World Series is over. I am happy it didn't go seven games. And for the record, the Royale does not have an Official Scorekeeper. We have an Unofficial Scorekeeper. And honestly, we know which statistics are the most accurate.

Also- I am going to get this in my update which should come out today. The Royale will be hosting an election return party next Tuesday with drink specials. More info coming soon.
And next Tuesday- put it in your phone, put it in your calendar, put it in something! Go vote next Tuesday November 7th. It is your responsibility to vote. It is very important that you vote. The world is complex and sometimes it is hard to comprehend how one vote can make a difference, but this is the one way we can show what we want as a people. Our planet has had far too many harsh societies supported by crooked unelected governments. This Tuesday we have a couple of hot races, and these votes are especially important. So please, please, please go out and vote.

God bless America.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Some recs

There have been three video productions that I would recommend viewing.

The first is Paradise Now. This was a very disturbing movie. It made me want to vomit. It is a close to reality fictional depiction of the final days of two suicide bombers. It is not healthy to delve into the logic of a world that supports suicide bombing. Thank you Fareed for your heads up.

The second is a documentary from the BBC called the Power of Nightmares. It is a documentary that tracks the use of fear in our society in today's terms with the War on Terror and matches them to the past Cold War. It also explores Neocon development of an idealist world and also new developing sect of Islamists idealists belief that the new world born of the Liberal ideal had failed. This is a way crazy documentary. The doc tracks the historic development of how it all connects. It is a three part series and you can watch it online. And the music is rather comical. Odd. Thank you Patrick for the heads up on this one.

And the third is two different documentaries from Frontline: The Lost Year in Iraq and The Enemy Within. Frontline has a long history of strong, straight, objective and well founded documentaries for decades. It is wonderful that you can watch most of the documentaries online. Both of these are pretty whack. It is hard to watch sometimes. It is like watching a story and you know the ending is not going to be pretty. They are very well documented and the interviews are amazing. I don't know how they get them. Thank you Big Bird for this heads up!

I have just started the book Saint Louis Politics: The Triumph of Tradition. I wonder if the book concludes that our current system that has been left to us supports working together, encouraging each other and a unified and inclusive city government? I wonder if my experience with the city has been typical.

Okay, yeah, is there any floaty happy stuff I have been consuming? I must say I do dig the Albino Alley Cat Review. I love athleticism!! And such skill, great music and costumes, the costumes!! And other happy things, I am taking Grandma out to lunch again this week. Yay. Grandma is so cool. The Cards won the World Series. That is great. The whiskey is starting to taste so much better this time of year.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cardinals, Betting, Economics and Protecting us from Terrorists

The Cards won the World Series.

Yes, I rooted for the Cardinals in the World Series. Yes, I am glad that the Cardinals won the World Series. I love baseball. There were some excellent games. The Cards looked impressive despite still making goofs. They stepped up as the underdog and won the World Series from the Detroit Tigers. I finally will give LaRussa the credit he deserves. Good job.

I made a bet with my Uncle CJ from Toledo Ohio, just outside of Detroit. Now I don't support illegal wagering, but I took this bet for it did not include money changing hands. I was the closest person he knew to a Cardinal fan. That is funny. What is funnier, is now he has to wear a Cardinal hat all day next Saturday. Good thing, cuz I didn't want to wear a Mudhens ballcap.

But so far that has all been fun and games. Go Cards!

But we talk so much of the Cardinals impact on the Saint Louis economy. Now I have read all sorts of studies that have disputed each other's claims about the Cardinals impact, the World Series impact, the new stadium impact.

I can say one thing. It has hurt business here. We rang about half or less of what we typically do on a Friday night. The past couple of weeks we have been off. I have asked others in the business, and they have had their business hurt too. Mangia. Jackson's. Others.

Funny. We show each of the 162 games on our two color televisions. People watch the game here regularly. We don't draw crowds because of the game, but people watch the game. We are in Saint Louis. Besides, the official Royale Scorekeeper needs to manage the statistics.

I can understand the places that don't have TVs normally, but even Jackson's rented a big screen and they didn't get any push from the last I talked to them since getting it. And they always show the game too. They even considered closing.

And I hear it from the employees. Everyone is happy in general because of the win, but the economic effect has been less than I expected. It was the opposite. We have taken a hit. A lot of businesses have. But we are still happy that the Cards won. We all do well when people are happy. And people certainly are happy for the Cards won the World Series.

Word is that Saint Louis' finest are being paid extra to protect us from Terrorism with extra fed funds coming from the Department of Homeland Security. I think it is great that we get extra funds to protect places like Al Habrosky's from terrorists. We do need to protect ourselves. I think we should get some of these funds added to the neighborhoods to protect us. I think it would be helpful to have a few more constabulary making sure we protect ourselves from the terrorists that roam our neighborhoods everyday. Don't fool yourself, we have terrorists roaming our neighborhoods and I hope the Department of Homeland Security recognizes this.

Yay Cardinals.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Royale Weekly Newsletter

I am going to be posting a regular Royale newsletter. If you want it you will need to subscribe. I am not going to post this regularly on STLstreets, instead I will be posting it to theroyale.com and through the online group email here:

Welcome to the new weekly Royale update. I will personally be delivering each week new updates for going ons at the Royale and goodness around town.

Much to cover in this first message- Clownvis Presley, World Series, Record Spins

First off the big stuff:
This Saturday we will be hosting Clownvis Presley. Yes Clown/Elvis Impersonator. He is hosting his own Haunted Fish Fry. He does magic tricks. He sings. He does it all.
He is scheduled to start at 7 or and go to 9 on Saturday. So come down grab some food and then stay for the game. Costumes are strongly encouraged.

Here is the Clownvis Presley page:

You should seriously visit the above address and check out his Youtube video.

Speaking of baseball-
Yes, we are very much showing the World Series. We have TWO COLOR TVS (wow!) that have the game. And if color television is not enough of a draw, we have an in house official scorekeeper, James Blackwood. If you ever have any scoring questions, the idisputable scorekeeper James Blackwood will be at the end of the bar.

And here is the lineup for the Royale record Spins
Tonight Wednesday the 25th
Trashley of the Vultures with garage rock and more!

Thursday we have JJ, yes JJ
and early in the night we have the musical stylings of Kevin Bilchick http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bilchik

Friday we have
Sean Savoy is thowing down the loungey sounds for dinner starting at 6pm
DJ Akita on the ones and twos starting at 10pm

Saturday we have Barb Cliffe spin at 10pm closing the Clownvis Presley Show.

Sunday we have an opening. Who wants to spin?

Monday we have the legendary KSLU DJ Sam Foley with just flat out pimp music.

And every Tuesday we have Mark Early with the Tuesday Is The New Weekend (TITNW) in his special Halloween show with creepy drink specials, mystifying music and costumes encouraged. I will make sure we have a costume prize.

Don't forget Thursday November 9th will be Jessica Butler in her band Linn starting at 7pm.

I am also now updating the Royale website at theroyale.com
Over the next few weeks more content will arrive.

Free drink trivia- the first to get back to me with the answer:
What was 1982 World Series MVP Darrell Porter's nickname?

Keep the peace

Steven Fitzpatrick Smith

Feel free to forward to a friend. Email back to sign up or go to: http://groups.google.com/group/theroyale

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I used to sell the Post. I tried selling the Post again after I bought the Royale. I picked up a newsbox. Not unlike the one I used to man when I was a kid. That was one of my favorite jobs.

I thought selling it again was a good idea. This was over the summer I think. I asked to see if Ben wanted to do it. He was down. I tried to figure out how many we should sell. Hey, I am on Kingshighway. We do a lot of business because we are on Kingshighway.

Ben is the same age as I was when I worked selling papers. In fact, he already had experience selling papers in front of Saint Pius. He had since passed the job along to Molly and Tom. I asked him how many papers he sold. He said about five or ten.

I thought I misunderstood.

I asked him again.

I used to sell about 90-110 papers on Sundays at Church and then I sold about 130-170 on Saturday nights on the corner. This was not that long ago. It was only the 80s, not the 50s.

I ordered ten papers to start at the Royale. Then I went down to about five. And then to zero. I had cancelled my regular delivery Sunday paper in anticipation of having a regular supply of the Sunday five star from the stacks I would sell.

I guess I was wrong.

I finally picked the Sunday regular back up. Even though they are sticking post it notes to the front page now and have peel away ads on top of editorial content, they still manage to put out a good story every once in a while.

Monday, October 16, 2006

My Odes

Ode #1
O my ode to the cereal manufacturer!

Why I must thank you for propelling me to my six foot three!
O thank the stars for our bread!
Your fortified goodness has enriched me with the MVP of



and protein!

You have brought me warmth and growth as I consumed your provisions.

Mother said "No sugar cereal! Sugar cannot be the second ingredient!"
Yet I heaped spoonfuls of your cheer onto my fortified cereal from my hideout underneath the cover of the dinner table.

I still smile as eat my cereal.

Your sweetness lures and tempts.

O cereal manufacturer!

Can you now both fortify me to spring through the air but also keep me from ill?

How much can I thank one for such a gift?
High Fructose Corn Syrup to Evaporated Organic Cane Juice?

Et tu Joe?

Are you a trader or traitor?

So easy to keep us from ill!

Just a little bit of fortification for the growth spring and a little absence of something to keep an absence of an arm.

O can you, can you manufacturers of our sweetened and enriched life?

You can't do it all, but you can do so much by doing something less!!

Ode #2
O thank you soft drink!

For your sweet goodness. And the bubbles.

That is about it.

You could at least enrich me!

Damn soft drink.

Why must you be so sweet?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Harvest for Art this Saturday


Save the Date: Harvest for Art 2006 to benefit SCOSAG and Potter's Workshop!


On line invitation viewable at: http://www.scosag.org/Events/default.asp
Tickets on sale now!

Harvest for Art 2006: Saturday, October 14th

Mark your calendars and get your spiffy cocktail attire ready!

Harvest for Art 2006 is coming just in time to ripen the splendor of your fall!
Harvest for Art 2006: On Saturday, October 14th, South City Open Studio and Gallery (SCOSAG) will host its annual fund raiser Harvest for Art at nationally known artist Gail Cassilly's home and studio in Lafayette Square .

Benefiting the South City Open Studio and Gallery for
Children and Potter's Workshop in Forest Park Southeast


When: Saturday, October 14th. From 7:00 pm. to 11:00 pm.
Where: At the home and studio of nationally known artist Gail Cassilly in Lafayette Square
What: Harvest for Art will showcase four SCOSAG / WALL BALL artists painting with four SCOSAG students only to have their work up for grabs at the end of the night. Guests will be encouraged to nosh on appetizers and sip delicious drinks. Harvest for Art will also include a lively silent auction, great raffle and legendary live music by St. Louis blues artist Tom Hall.

Who's painting?

SCOSAG teachers!
Jason Wallace Triefenbach and SCOSAG student Justice Binder
Carmelita Nunez and SCOSAG student Alison Gill
WALL BALL artists!
C'babi Bayoc and his daughter Jurni Moon Bayoc
Sarah Giannobile and SCOSAG student Nicholas Feltz

Who are your hosts?

Bill Appleton, Harper Barnes, Jenna Bauer, Irving Blue, Patricia Boman, Gail Cassilly, Catherine Cathers, Jamie Cendroski, Jan Clinite, Lisette Dennis, Bill and Jane Donahue, Jeff Edwards, Tom Finkel, Scott and Ashley Gill, Rhonda Holt, Elizabeth Hyser, Barbara James, Brandyn Jones, Dianna Lucas, Rachel McCalla, Terry Moore, Chip and Cara Schloss, Ron and Christy Silverman, Steven Fitzpatrick Smith, Karen Tedesco, and Roseann Weiss.

Tickets are $30 and you can purchase them with cash, check (payable to SCOSAG), Mastercard or Visa. There are two easy ways to get your tickets today: Stop by The Royale Food & Spirits located at 3132 S. Kingshighway at Arsenal. Phone 314-772-3600. OR Contact Catherine Cathers at e-mail: catherine_cathers@yahoo.com or phone 314-780-2200. Location disclosed on ticket or with ticket purchase held at the door.

On behalf of the SCOSAG Board of Directors, students, clients, staff, and volunteers, we invite you to attend this year's Harvest for Art. Your support will directly impact the children and adults who benefit from SCOSAG's unique approach to arts education and community building.

Find out more about the Harvest for Art 2006 artists at:

Monday, October 09, 2006

Interesting quote

"One-fifth of the people are against everything all the time."

-Robert Kennedy

Thursday, October 05, 2006

KDHX Pledge Drive

I guess I shoulda put this up before. KDHX is having their Fall Pledge Drive right now! I am down at the station answering phones for Al Swacker's show, Greaser's Lunchbox.

KDHX is one of the most valuable resources in Saint Louis. It really is the best major medium for culture and music and has provided such a great shows to air with original programming. We are quite lucky and you should pledge right now online.

What is cool now, is that you can listen to the shows online in the archive from the last two weeks. So I can finally listen to those morning shows. It has been too long since I have listened to Darren Snow on the radio.

My favorite new show on KDHX: Reality Now. Ed Bishop's show. I don't know Ed and had only read the SJR on occasion, but that show! Dang, it is good. Great guests and great topics! And even cooler for this show is you can download it to your ipod and listen to it while swapping out kegs and running inventory.

And a quick pick for best music show at this moment: Space Parlour by Nick Acquisto.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

five is one old ladies in the news

I always thought it looked kind of...stupid. And funny.

They have been doing it for years. At the end of the newscasts on channel five. The little kids flashing channel five gang signs. So funny.

They usually get grade school kids. Then the kids flash their hands with all five digits and then making a fist and then flashing an index finger number one. Five is one.

I was a teacher at the Science Center six or seven years ago. I would get kids in from all sorts of area schools in for field trips. I would teach science to kids from Suburban and City Parochial, City Public, City Magnet, Private, County and all over. It was always funny. Certain teachers from City Schools would get just way, way, way bent out of shape when the boys scrambled to contort their fingers for the picture. Some teachers would scream at the boys, and if the boy persisted his finger signs the teacher would pull them out of the picture. I would always laugh when this happened. It reminded me of a classroom scene from Our Gang.

I then remember when the kids at the gym would get their picture taken. We had to take their pictures for the registration books for USA Boxing. When I first pulled out the camera they danced around with twisted fingers. But all I needed were head shots for the passbooks.

Then every time after that people took their picture it was different. One suggestion I made was a solid fist. That was for the tough guy boxer. Another was the number one sign. That was clearly marking the position you were in. Number one. I also supported the victory symbol. Or a peace sign. Usually victory. Or even sometimes the Vice Lords. But the Vice Lords wasn't my description of the sign. That was just what John-John Harkenon told me as a kid over on Northeast Avenue. And then there was the kid that would just make up something new or do something weird.

Five is one gang sign. They are corrupting our children. Or they making them look stupid. Or they are making them look really funny. Or maybe all of the above. "But hey! Look at me! I'm on TV!"



Funny that Five is one, the Spencer's Grill in Kirkwood was featured on the NBC national news. They were venting the frustration of conservative voters. Funny. I wonder if they show that kind of thing on the local news. I don't really watch the local news. Funny.

And then there were pictures of old ladies and Vietnam Vets lined up to hug and kiss the soldiers when they got back for their two week breaks. Weird. Creepy. Sad. Cool. Weird. A whole lot of crying was going on. Sad. The old ladies lined up. Weird. The soldiers seemed to appreciate it. Cool. And then some of the soldiers were just being polite and looked like they had enough after old lady number fifty had kissed him in the span of his first ten minutes home. Creepy. And then the some of the soldiers were crying. Sad. And then the old ladies were lined up. Cool. And weird. Sad.

21 American soldiers have been killed since Saturday. Ouch. Iraqi Po-Po have been called off the streets due to complicity with the enemy. 700 National Police are accused of being a part of the National Shiite Militia. Damn. Damn. Damn.

I like watching the news. But we are turning to these blogs to fill our heads. Some of these blogs are pretty fun.

And there are a lot of blogs. Uhhhhhhhhh??? Is this a comedy? Is this for real? I think it is, but it could be an Onion kind of piece. It is funny. Very funny. And possibly disturbing, but mostly funny. Who is this guy? Oh, that is who that is. Funny stuff these blogs. The Whirl needs to do a blog.

* Or "5 is one" for all the grammar hounds.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Saint Louis Lunacy

I got a rerun. I haven't had time to do finish and edit a normal post, so I pulled out some messages I sent out back in 2001 or so. I wrote this letter to a crew of civic minded comrades. I am rerunning this in honor of my old business partner and roommate Patrick Landewe, who is back in the river city this week for his vacation from the Lighthouse. Please note these are relatively unedited:

===Part I====

So I was working at the Utopia Fair Trade Coffee stand at Soulard Market last weekend. And across the SE wing in the NE wing, one of the customers started grabbing a couple of the live chickens out of the cage. Customers are not supposed to do that. And when the untrained shopper tried to help himself to a couple of live pullets, the winged beasts made a break for it. The first capon broke from his death row wired cage and scrambled between the wings, right by our stand, and the other took of for the sweet taste of freedom to the north. The southward bound sweet tasting fowl was cornered in the alleyways of the market and was eventually captured, but not without a fight which cost the rooster a goodly number of feathers. His feathered brother made a successful grab for his personal sovereignty and was last seen scratching for food around the Welsh Baby Carriage factory.

So be warned, there is a live chicken who is drunk with his newfound personal liberties pecking on the streets of the near south side.

Steven Fitzpatrick Smith

=====Part II=====

So I was working the Utopia stand at Soulard Market last Saturday. Early in the morning I saw the chicken. Yes, the same winged beast that made its escape three weeks ago and had been spotted in various locales of south city. Three weeks ago at Soulard Market, in the livestock stall across the alley in the southeast wing an impatient customer opened one of the cages containing two chickens. Both birds made a break for it, with one of them making his run to freedom, while the other was captured, only to be sold into slaughter.

This rooster returned to the site of his jailbreak last Saturday morn and he was strutting around like he was the king of the Market. The chicken appeared to be visiting some of the current jailbirds caged behind his former captor's stall. Perhaps he was trying to liberate his fellow fowl by convincing them to make a flight for freedom, or maybe he was just strutting and flaunting his independence to the
captive pullets. He was just pecking away, looking healthy and well fed. It appears that this capon had been feasting on the multitude of scraps of the Market.

When I first noticed the chicken I tried to call to the attention of the livestock vendor about his escaped fugitive. I was also torn to call out to the strutting cock to run, for he was so close to capture, but I was kind of busy setting up my booth and I wasn't able to get either one's attention anyway. The chicken seemed perfectly comfortable being ever so close to his unknowing captor. After business began to wind down in the afternoon, I went over to the vendor to tell him what I had sighted the escaped cock earlier in the morning. Apparently he did see the renegade rooster and was able to recapture the errant fowl without much struggle. Unfortunately he also sold the reimprisoned chicken to a hungry customer. I was considering purchasing him and setting him free again to live as a free range pet.

At this time it is unknown of the exact fate of this south side chicken. However, I am considering of doing a study by interviewing of all the vendors and patrons of the market to document the life of the pullet while it had been free. So if you had seen this chicken, please email me. I want to try to piece together the life of freedom it had, even if it were for just a short while.

Steven Fitzpatrick Smith

P.S. After my inquiry with the livestock vendor, I bought a trapped and skinned coon (not all of the meat is live when purchased). I am unsure how to prepare it, but if you have any suggestions or recipes, please forward them to me. Right now I am thinking of either a stew or maybe a chili. My housemate and fellow Utopian, Patrick, are going to cook the varmint up this week.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Cocktail Party to benefit R2K: Revitalization 2000

Host: Steve Smith & Ron Sturm
Location: The Royale
3132 Kingshighway, Saint Louis, MO View Map
When: Wednesday, October 18, 5:30pm to 8:00pm
Phone: 314-772-3600
All are invited to a Cocktail Party to benefit R2K: Revitalization 2000 Inc.
And the youth of the Ville neighborhood.

$20 will get you:
- 2 drinks of your choice
- Free hors d' oeuvres
- Scintillating conversations
- The melodic stylings of local band EERO from 6:30pm-8pm.
- A 1-on-1 with the Executive Director of R2K- A chance to participate in a 50-50 and Gift Basket Raffle including an i-pod Shuffle.
- Learn about one of the most important organizations we are involved with

Revitalization 2000 Inc. is a non-profit organization serving the Ville community in North St. Louis. R2K's mission is to collaborate with residents, government, church and businesses to revitalize the Ville and create a self-sustainable neighborhood.

We have a goal of raising $10,000

If you are unable to attend, but would still like to help by making a donation to this effort please make your check payable to: Revitalization 2000, Inc. And send to: 4155 Kennerly Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63113.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Feel free to check out the venue at: http://www.theroyale.com/
For a preview of the band visit: http://www.myspace.com/eero