Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SOTU and the SOTS


The Royale will be showing the State of the Union Tuesday night at 8pm. Come hear our President, George W. Bush speak of his assessment of the state of our Union.

So in honor of this speech we will be offering much needed medicines to treat our current state in the form of beer, wine and liquors. We will be offering a Schlafly Beer for $2.50 a pint and free passed appetizers during the speech.

This event is hosted by the Saint Louis Young Democrats.

Need more assessments of our state? How about the state of Missouri? This Wednesday at 8pm come to the Royale to hear our Governor Blunt's State of the State address. Again, we will be offering specially priced medicines and complimentary edibles to ease the pain of our state.

This event is hosted by the State Workers Union.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Interesting Links

I like to throw out a few links that I find particularly interesting from time to time. Right now I am a regular viewer of Alive From Baghdad. I have been watching it on Itunes since the summer. It is an independent site that interviews everyday Iraqis. It is interesting. I am naturally suspicious of any media, but there is definitely something to take from these raw interviews regardless of skepticism. They are produced by Iraqis and are typically 3-9 minutes in length.

This is a particularly interesting posting. Interviewed are neighborhood men who are protecting their neighborhood. This is a very iffy thing. We have our own neighborhood watch group, but what happens when a neighborhood watch doesn't get along w/ the Police? I try to think of if this was happening in my neighborhood. It sort of does, but not to this extent. You can see friction, but this is extreme.

The other post just came out and it is pretty wild as well. This is an interview w/ an Iraqi Christian Priest. It is unreal. There are gunshots going off randomly outside the window during the interview. The priest is being incredibly frank and calm speaking of just how screwed up things have gotten. They call on sons of the Church to be present at the Church at all times. Surreal. I try to imagine if this were to happen here to that extent. I wish it were harder to imagine.

I also checked out Iranian Prez Ahmadinejad blog. That is a total joke. It reminds me of the freaky Chinese Communist style propaganda. Instead of the "Great Leader", and such bs, Iranians have gone to trying to placate with such compliments to Christmas, holy days and vilifying our President. Then reading the blog posts it becomes clear that not only are the posts farcical, the comments are censored and put in only the absurd fantasy reactions of "Americans".

There is no absolutely certain accountability in either one of these mediums. But straight interviews on the everyday scenes reveals something far more honestly intimate than a press release by a fanatical head of religious state.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Follow up

So a while back a chum sent me this link to an online BBC Documentary called the Power of Nightmares. It is some heavy stuff linking the use of fear from the Cold War to today's War on Terror. It is relevant to the post below. This is a different type of documentary than I am used to watching. This goes much deeper into the logic of fear. It reminds me of how we behave when fear is sold to us by politicians. It is funny for I hear this even from local politicians about petty issues. They use fear to strengthen their authority. My favorite quote that I have heard from a certain low level neighborhood politician was "The new people in the neighborhood don't understand. They haven't been in the trenches as long as we have."

Wow. And check out the documentary. It is heavy.

And also- it looks like the Pinkos are knocking out satellites in space. Huh. And this is our most favored trading partner who does business with state sponsors of terror Iran and Sudan. Cute. We have lost the Cold War. This test happened on the 11th of January and we just found out it happened. We are asleep at the wheel. We need to re prioritize ourselves as a country.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


When I was a kid, I was terrified of being nuked by the Russians.

I would pray every night for I was scared to death of a nuclear attack. Intercontinental Ballistic Thermonuclear Missiles. I would say that in my head as I prayed to prevent the destruction of our planet. That was such a terrifying prospect. I didn't like living in fear when I was a kid. It made me feel sick every night too. I probably did this from about nine years of age to, oh, probably through high school when the Cold War started to end. That was a great, great time. Seeing Communism fall in Europe. What a great thing to see pass. And this all happened without a shot. Without a war. That was a miracle. We no longer had to live with the fear of the world being blown up.

Now? We are in a hot war. And not with the Communists. We are in another war. A broader, in fact ambiguous War on Terrorism. I am confused. We no longer let the fear of Communism keep our American ideals in line and celebrated as pillars of life. Right to privacy, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, real open religious freedom, freedom to move around. I am so confused. The Communist Chinese are full of nukes and now these freedom restricting Communists are our friends. Do we have ideals anymore? Are we really out of the time of no longer living in this fear? Can we ever go without living in fear for an extensive time? I don't like living in fear. We need an FDR.

SOTU and the SOTS

From the STL Young Dems(thx Martin Casas):
From the Saint Louis Young Democrats:

We won the House!
We won the Senate!
Now join your fellow St. Louis Democrats to watch Speaker Nancy Pelosi take her seat behind President Bush
for the State of The Union Address!

Tuesday January 23rd
7-10pm (speech begins at 8pm)
The Royale
3132 S. Kingshighway
Parking on Juniata

Free pizza appetizers and 2.50 Schlafly drafts during the speech.

Need more politics in your life? Come by on Wednesday to watch Gov. Blunt deliver the State of the State Address.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So I am often mistaken for being someone who I am not. This happened a few times earlier today at the march downtown as we walked down MLK Drive. The parade was memorable and cool. But there was a few funny incidents that happened. This is only just a few of the incidents.

First someone thought I was security. It was kids. I am often mistaken for a cop. I was wearing a topcoat, a fedora, rubber soled leather shoes, a suit and a tie. I smiled, waved shook my head no and told them not to count on me for keeping any sort of peace. I guess I look like a cop.

Then I was chatting with Dawn Majors. She is a photographer from the PD. A guy came up to me and asked if I was a reporter. Thank goodness she was there, for all I did was say no and point to her. I guess I look like a reporter too.

Then an older man came up next to me. He was probably 65, maybe older. Seemingly nice fella. Wearing a top coat, nice fedora. Looked sharp, but not quite City Hall sharp. More old man sharp. A pretty common look that day.

He asked me if I was Mike McMillan.

I immediately smiled and said no.

That was a first. I was mistaken for the former midtown/northside Alderman, and new License Collector. Funny. I don't think I look all that like him. He is very light skinned and all, but I am Irish pale. Almost pink, especially in the bitter cold. I guess both Mike and I are both big kids with baby faces and dress sharp. But considering the politics of this town, this mistaken identity was pretty amusing.

I guess I look like a northside alderman.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I got three half written posts and one good'n that I should have out this week. I am over bein' ill and I got out what feels like thousands of mostly late xmas cards. It is amazing how many emails one needs to do to gather addresses.

One quote and one thought:

The boring political thought and event, but still relevant right now.

In keeping in mind the next elections: Republican President Richard Nixon won re-election in 1972 in a landslide, beating out George McGovern. This was a time of economic uncertainty, inflamed social tensions and during a very unpopular war. We need to consider this in the next election.

At the Royale, we are going to be showing the State of the Union and the State of the State Adresses on Jan 23 and Jan 24. We will be passing out food during the speeches. Always a good time to hear the State of our Union and State.

And a friend recorded this quote from me the other day.

Things are particularly surreal when sober.

I was speaking in terms of experiences on the East Side.