Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

So I was cleaning out the garage yesterday and I found my flag. It seemed to be a bit dirty from hanging out in the garage. I figured I should wash the flag. I went to check with my resident patriot, Ollie, about the proper etiquette in cleaning the flag. I didn't want to break any rules.

"Hey Ollie, so are there any rules in cleaning a flag?"

"I would run it on cold Steve."

"Yeah, I just wanted to make sure it was okay."

"Yeah, make sure it is cold. You know those colors won't run."

Friday, May 18, 2007

RIP Marti Frumhoff

Jan Clinite pulled me aside Wednesday night and told me she just got a call that Marti Frumhoff died. Already volumes have been written about her passing all over the web. I am not sure I can really add any more other than how she had effected me.

I was involved in Metropolis Saint Louis at a very interesting active point. The organization brought together a lot of different interesting people. It was one of the most important organizations I had involved myself in. It was really something else. The biggest and most important part of the organization that I feel benefited the city was the fact that people who really wanted the best for the city got together. And not for any more reason than they wanted to see a truly greater Saint Louis. And this organization brought all sorts of people together, many of them very different people that might not normally be brought together. It was great. And we worked together to try to make things greater. And we met each other. And supported each other in our pursuits to make this town greater.

That is how I met Marti.

And Marti was one of these amazing people. Marti served on the steering committee around the same time I was very active in the organization. She was so very positive. We understood each other. She always came to get ringside pix at the fights. She came to the gym to take pix as well. She would call me up and email from time to time to talk about things. She was always eager to discuss the state of how things were going.

I remember Marti encouraging me to do projects, pleading with me to stay with other projects and still speaking optimistically and realistically when other projects would stall. The last conversation we had was really interesting. Lets just say I won't let her down.

I am going to miss Marti. But in many ways I am going to see her in a lot of the things around me. In the accomplishments that we will continue to make. The push that we will continue to make. The greater the city we continue to make the more we honor Marti. We need to continue to push each other to make this town greater. Marti would want it that way.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pix from my trip to Jeff City

A couple months ago I went to Jeff City to take a tour I won at the Eperiential Auction for Hoobellatoo. It was quite a bit of fun. I went with Caroline Huth, Jerome Gaynor and his daughter Violet, Ben Stein, Jermaine and Shaq Wilson. We were given the tour by Maria Nadal-Chappelle.This is shot of one of the Wilson crew charging the steps of the State Government.

Some great shots of the Benton mural.

A nice mural of the nation's finest bridge.

Miss Huth looking up the climb for the Capitol rotunda top tour. Ben and April and Shaq getting excited for the big climb.

Way cooler than a roller coaster in my opinion. And I lover roller coasters. This was the whispering circle at the base of the ceiling of the rotunda.
I had the kids give the shakedown to Rep Mike Daus' office. They went in, wrote odd notes and posted them all over the walls, shoved over the papers on his desk, pushed over his chair and put the office into general dissaray.

I told Mike this was a warning, and the next time it won't be so pretty. He laughed and then gave the kids all gifts. He knows you have to show your tribute sometimes, even after a shakedown.

This trip was all made possible by my win at the Experiential Auction offered by Hoobelatoo, an art's collective. I won ice cream with the Fire Chief Sherman George and a tour of Jeff City by Maria Nadal-Chappelle. I haven't gotten the ice cream yet, but the tour was fantastic. I suggest you that you do the same. The auction is again, this Sunday, here at the Royale.

Here is the info on this year's auction:E-mail proxy bidding is open!
Bid now on Poetry Scores’ Second Annual Experiential Auction!
Actual auction is Sunday, May 20 at The Royale

Because last year, everybody thought the Experiential Auction was a bright idea, but almost everybody had plans the night of the event, we at Poetry Scores announce here and now that e-mail advance proxy bidding is open – now! – on all the wonderful, exclusive and strange experiences we have to offer. (Complete list follows).

Here’s how it works. If you can’t make it to The Royale from 5-8 p.m. on Sunday, May 20 for the actual auction, then just select the experience(s) you want and email your bid now to Please put “experiential auction” in the subject line if you send a proxy bid. Note that all bidding starts at $10. Please send a complete name and phone number along with your proxy bid.

When we receive your advance proxy bid via email, we will confirm via email. Please make sure you receive a confirmation email confirming your bid was received and is the highest current bid for the experience you want. We will close advance proxy bidding at noon on Saturday, May 19.

Note that all items will still go on auction at the May 20 event, starting at whatever is the highest price reached through the advance proxy bidding process, so your advance proxy bid could still get beat at The Royale. When we close advance proxy bidding next Saturday, we will give all high bidders the option of giving us a ceiling they are willing for us to bid up to by proxy at the live event. We’ll let you know how it turns out.

Cash, check, debit and credit are all acceptable forms of payment.

Experiences on auction follow. Let the proxy bidding begin!

* You jog in Forest Park with the civic leader and publisher Donald M. Suggs of The St. Louis American newspaper

* You get a case of beer brewed specially for you to your tastes with your name and face on the label (or whatever else you want on the label) by the craft brewer Drew Huerter of The St. Louis Brews

* You take a private tour of the Missouri History Museum collection with director Bob Archibald before or after sharing a glass of wine with him.

* The artist Kevin Belford paints your dog or cat as the Mona Lisa and you get to keep the signed original painting

* Fire Chief Sherman George shows up in full uniform at your child’s party

* A glamour portrait of you by the photojournalist and fashion photographer Wiley Price of the St. Louis American, complete with makeup and styling by Leata Price Land of the Platinum Group

* A sad song about you by the songwriter and musician Bob Reuter of the band The Dirty South and “Bob’s Scratchy Records” on KDHX, which we record for you to keep

* A happy song about you by beloved local songster and bandleader Celia, which we record for you to keep.

* The National Steel guitarist Tom Hall plays acoustic for an hour at your barbecue as long as he gets a plate and a few cold ones.

* You learn to score the game of baseball at a Cardinals home game with the editor and baseball columnist Alvin A. Reid of The St. Louis American (we’ve got your ticket, but you go Dutch on the overpriced beer and food)

* You take a private tour of City Hall and enjoy a private lunch with License Collector (and 19th Ward alderman emeritus) Michael McMillan.

* You enjoy a private breakfast at Goody Goody’s with County Executive Charlie Dooley

* A tour of the state Capitol and lunch in Jefferson City with state Rep. Jamilah Nasheed, who also issues you a state proclamation.

* You get to play piano four hands with Thomas George, chancellor of the University of Missouri at St. Louis (and a working pianist).

* Cliff Froehlich, director of Cinema St. Louis (which produces the St. Louis International Film Festival), consults with you regarding your taste in film, suggests an obscure film he thinks you will like but don’t know, and screens it for you and a small group at the Cinema St. Louis offices.

* Jenna Bauer, founder and director of the South City Open Studio and Gallery for Children, provides a private, small-group art lesson for your child and his or her friends (up to 12 children).

* A private viewing and discussion of your favorite Ali-Frazier fight with the writer Gerald Early, director of the Center for the Humanities at Washington University

* You experience 1,000 to 1,500 original words from Kim Humphries, curator of Laumeier Sculpture Park. The winning bidder may choose one of the following:
A. 1,000 – 1,500 word essay about your artwork – visual and performance work preferred but not required.
B. 1,000 – 1,500 word diatribe on a mutually agreeable topic or topics.
C. 1,000 – 1,500 word original rant with no mutual consultation – a complete roll of the dice.
The essay will be presented in printed form with a copy on a CD in MS Word. The diatribe or rant will be signed and presented on acid-free paper in an archival binder.

* Songwriter and classically trained vocalist Heidi Deans adds her lush vocals to your next song.

* You play a game of chess with the poet K. Curtis Lyle listening to Ray Charles and Bob Marley while he tells you about the time he played chess against Ray Charles and the time he rode on the bus with Bob Marley & the Wailers

* You take a private lesson in the martial arts and health disciplines of taiji and Qi (Chi) Gong with the activist and lawyer Sifu Justin Meehan

* You get treated to dinner by transplanted South African activist (and high-roller at Experiential Auction 2006) Gillian Noero while she tells you about helping to write parts of the constitution for post-apartheid South Africa

* You take a hike around Cahokia Mounds and get a lesson in Black Elk’s sacred prayer with the writer and producer Chris King of Poetry Scores* You take a hike around Cahokia Mounds and get a lesson in Black Elk’s sacred prayer with the writer and producer Chris King of Poetry Scores

* You get a writing class with the poet Jane Ellen Ibur of “Literature for the Halibut” on KDHX

* The poet Stefene Russell of Poetry Scores writes a poem about your favorite extinct species and you get to keep a signed and dedicated copy

* Local rapper and singer Toyy sings a hook or drops a verse on your next track

* You pose nude for the artists Agnieszka Gradzik and Wiktor Szostalo and get to keep a signed sketch by both of them.

* You enjoy a long night in the hippest, blackest clubs in town with the writer and nightlife columnist Bill Beene of The St. Louis American.

* You enjoy an afternoon on his pleasure craft out on the Mississippi River with him and his first mate (i.e., “little buddy”) Steve Green, followed by dinner at his restaurant The River Road Cider House, with the video producer, entrepreneur and boating enthusiast Jessie Jones

* You shoot his 1948 Colt .38 Special and 2005 Taurus .357 Magnum with the artist Robert Goetz of Poetry Scores

* You sit in once onstage with the entertainer Ralph Butler’s band after attending a rehearsal

* You and a small group take a private tour of the brewing facilities at the Tap Room with head Schlafly brewer Stephen Hale and then privately taste the beers with him.

* You and your friends enjoy a private wine tasting with select food pairings at Cave Vineyard in scenic St. Genevieve (limit 10 tasters).

* You take a spin on his vintage Honda CB750 motorcycle with the entrepreneur and amateur pugilist Steven Fitzpatrick Smith of The Royale.

* You get a private, small-group star party with the hip-hop producer Adam Long and his vast selection of high-powered telescopes

* The artist Frank Friction (that is indeed Frank, not Fred Friction) draws your next nightmare and you get to keep the drawing *

* You get to collaborate on an underground hip-hop track with local consciousness rappers and Nation of Islam faithful, Basement of the Earth.

* You take a bicycle tour of South City taverns with events producer and writer Brett Underwood

* The performance artist Bodybag Man shows up at your party (this is a living, breathing bodybag, folks)

* You get to play a zombie in the next Poetry Scores film, to be shot next year to the poetry score to Go South for Animal Index by Stefene Russell.

Proceeds from the Experiential Auction will benefit Poetry Scores, an arts group based in St. Louis dedicated to the translation of poetry into other media.

Poetry Scores is in the process of incorporation with the help of Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts and with their help also will apply for non-profit status this year. Our lawyer tells us the IRS is backlogged but that our paperwork should clear this year, which would make all experiential auction purchases tax-deductible – but this is not guaranteed. We will stay in touch with all buyers regarding our tax status.

The money raised at the auction will be used to fund the group’s fall release of “Go South for Animal Index,” an eclectic CD in the genre of “poetry score” – a long poem scored as one scores a film. “Go South for Animal Index,” scored to a poem by St. Louis poet Stefene Russell, will be released Friday, November 9 at Hoffman LaChance Contemporary (3100 Sutton in Maplewood), in conjunction with an Art Invitational of pieces that respond to the poem.

Poetry Scores’ previous releases, “Crossing America” and “Blind Cat Black,” have been featured on NPR, BBC Radio 3 and in many St. Louis media. The score to “Blind Cat Black” is now the subject of an independent feature film produced by Poetry Scores, starring Toyy Davis, Jason Wallace Triefenbach and Don Erickson.

Actual event info:

On the evening of Sunday, May 20, from 5 to 8 p.m., the St. Louis-based arts group Poetry Scores will host its second annual Experiential Auction in the back-yard beer garden of The Royale, 3132 South Kingshighway, just south of Arsenal and Tower Grove Park.

The items on auction will be experiences with interesting local people. Admission is $10, which will be discounted from your first purchase of an experience. All bidding starts at $10, unless the starting bid has been beat via the advance proxy bidding process. Bidding at the event will be divided into three categories: Early Bird Silent, Live, and Straggler Silent.

The event will happen, rain or shine.

The Royale (314-772-3600; is located at 3132 South Kingshighway, just south of Arsenal, across from the Courtesy Drive-In. It is a full-service restaurant with a fine selection of beers and spirits, including specialty drinks named for each of the city’s political wards.

For more information on Poetry Scores or the Experiential Auction, email or call (314) 265-1435.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Kids today, I worry

"Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter."

-Thomas Jefferson

"If you have no critics you'll likely have no success."

-Malcom X

I worry about the kids.